New Electrolux Insight Iron Aid steam dryer alleviates pain of ironing


The Iron Aid steam dryer from Electrolux may just revolutionize the way you do laundry. A 6 kg condense dryer with a built-in steam generator, the Insight Iron Aid has two different types of steam programs - one allows you to refresh the clothes, while the other helps with the ironing. At the end of the normal drying cycle, the you can select a steam phase of about 20 minutes to dewrinkle the laundry. This condense dryer uses steam in order to prepare your clothes for a minimum time and energy consuming ironing. In a mere 20 minutes you can treat 5 shirts or refresh a 'dry clean only' costume. Designed for small European homes where putting an extra appliance is often out of question, the condense Insight Iron Aid features delicate programs for linen, wool and silk as well as special heavier options for duvets, curtains and jeans, synoptic information screen, simple command buttons and very limited maintenance. The steam is generated from a separate container that holds sufficient water for 4 to 10 cycles. The energy used in this cycle is just 0.2 kWh. The price for the Iron Aid steam dryer is £550. Electrolux.

Posted in Washers & Dryers at November 1, 2007 3:47 PM

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