Philips vacuum cleaner - Marathon bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner


Philips vacuum cleaner, Marathon is the most powerful bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner with professional grade performance and cleaning results. One of the most potent bagless vacuum cleaners designed for residential use, Philips Marathon has 2,000W motor, capable of generating 350W of lasting suction - the highest in its class, due to specially designed high performance Cyclone filter, and amazingly, is one of the quietest bagless vacuums around. Philips also equips this cleaner with a special outlet HEPA 12 filter, which captures 99.5% of the dust, before the air is blown back into your room, ensuring a completely dust-free environment. Three nozzles that come with the Philips vacuum cleaner are designed to perform specific cleaning tasks to perfection, making sure that your house is completely clean. The tri-active nozzle cleans your floor in three different ways in just one sweeping motion. The turbo brush nozzle removes 50% more fluff from carpets than standard nozzles. The parquet nozzle effectively removes dust and dirt from parquet floors without scratching. You can buy the Marathon Philips vacuum cleaner for £175.

Posted in Vacuum Cleaners at January 16, 2008 10:24 PM

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