Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner


Mint is the robotic floor cleaner designed to tackle hardwood floors as well as laminates and tiles. Guided much like a GPS by a patented NorthStart cube, the automatic floor cleaner performs an excellent job of dusting and mopping in efficient and methodical fashion. It doesn't miss a spot and doesn't repeat the route. You can use any disposable or washable cleaning cloth brands, dry or moistened. The Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner tracks where it cleans. Once finished, this robotic floor cleaner returns to its starting position and conserves battery power.


Equipped with special sensors, Mint doesn't topple over stairs. It is also undersized for the cleaning cloth which allows it to clean along the walls and reach into the tight corners and other hard to get in spots. Other main benefits of Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner are,
- cleans up to 2 hours of wet mopping
- cleans up to 3 hours of dry sweeping
- comes with 3 washable, reusable microfiber cloths
- detect rugs and carpets
- works in the dark
You can buy this robotic hardwood cleaner for $200 at Sharper Image. Previously, Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.

Posted in Vacuum Cleaners at January 4, 2011 10:15 PM

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