Karcher RoboCleaner RC 4.000


The new RoboCleaner RC 4.000 from Karcher does all the work and you don't have to lift a finger. The Karcher vacuum cleaner cleans all regular home floor surfaces completely automatically and independently. Plug your RoboCleaner in the base station which does not only recharge the battery but also empties the suction tank, switch on the unit, select the cleaning period and the RC 4.000 does the rest.


Karcher RoboCleaner RC 4.000 cleans with a combination of a sweeping roller and vacuum. It is equipped with a sensor which detects the dirt density and chooses one of 4 cleaning programs. The RoboCleaner avoids obstacles, including steps and stairs, with the help of integrated contact and collision sensors. The machine also remembers its path, so it does not needlessly cleans the same area over and over. After finishing the work, an infrared beam guides RC 4.000 to its base station. Karcher.

Posted in Vacuum Cleaners at September 3, 2011 12:15 AM

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