Ariete Hot Aqua Power vacuum cleaner


Hot Aqua Power is the 2.0 kW high-suction washing vacuum cleaner from Ariete with hot water function. You will have all the power and functionality needed to clean the dirtiest spots and dry them fast. With Ariete Hot Aqua Power, you can switch from hot to cold water and to add a chosen amount of detergent.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with the magic brush which sprays a significant amount of water while sucking at the same time. Adjustable suction power, water filter, 4-stage HEPA filter, 3 liter clean and dirty water tanks, 0.7 liter detergent tank, water empty and full dust tank indicators, automatic cord winder, magic brush for sucking water, window brush, nozzle, floor brush, parquet attachment, detergent and upholstery brush. Ariete.

Posted in Vacuum Cleaners at December 20, 2012 2:35 PM

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