Commercial toaster - 2 slice toasters by Milantoast


This 1.3 kW 2-slice commercial toaster is ideal appliance to be used not only in snack-bars, restaurants, beer-houses, pizzerias and other commercial applications, but in homes where people love their bread products toasted quickly and to perfection. The Italian type, electric automatic toaster with wide independent slots, movable pliers for sandwiches, adjustable time switches and running signal lamps grills perfectly and deeply delicious stuffed, hot, soft and crisp sandwiches - all in about 2 minutes. The circulating air developed inside such a commercial toaster prevents overheating and guarantees its perfect and continuous running for an indefinite number of hours, allowing a constant and excellent grilling of the sandwiches.

Key features and benefits of 2-slice commercial Roma toaster from Milantoast are,
- ideal for sandwiches and bread slices
- coloured, anodized aluminium body is available in 7 finishes
- knobs, top and bottom available in chrome, satin chrome, nickel, satin nickel and 24K gold
- tongs with wooden handles
- independent vertical oven-slots, each with double heating elements
- 4 minutes automatic timer on each single oven
- control lamps
- 14x14 cm stainless steel tongs
- durable and self cleaning heating elements
- dishwasher safe crumb tray


Posted in Toasters at June 7, 2010 12:50 AM

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