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Steam Ovens

Miele steam oven


Miele is undisputed king of steam cooking offering more steam oven models than any other brand. The DGC 5061 shown on the top is built-in Miele steam oven with both steam and dry heat cooking functionality, giving you more options and further expanding your culinary horizons. This well rounded combi steam oven works as a conventional oven and can create up to 6 different micro climates in succession during a program cycle, ideal for bread-baking and Sunday roasts, that require moist and humid climates at various stages of preparation. A beautifully crusty pork roast is done to a T with this Miele steam oven in the following sequence - if first cooked for 15 minutes at 100°C and 95% humidity with steam loosening and loosing excessive fats. Then your roast is seared for 30 minutes at 180°C and 50% humidity for even browning and crispy crackling. Finally with 130°C and 30% humidity, the meat gently cooks through to the very core, resulting in succulent on the inside, crispy brown on the outside, one very delicious roast.

Miele put close to 150 automatic programs that can be used by less experienced cooks to achieve perfectly eatable results. For more ambitious chefs, the DGC 5061 allows setting up series of dry and moist cooking phases, their durations and levels of humidity in the oven manually. This steam oven constantly monitors humidity levels and takes the moisture content of food into account, which is unique attribute of Miele combi steam oven.


Posted October 21, 2009 10:36 AM

Steam oven from Caple


The new stainless steel and glass steam oven from Caple, the Sense S0108 offers an exciting and healthy alternative method of cooking. The 23 litre capacity oven comes with 2 pre-set temperatures for steam cooking at 100ºC and defrosting at 60ºC. Increasing in popularity, steam ovens are becoming the rage for health conscious consumers that demand the finest tasting food, which retains vital minerals and nutrients. Not only steam cooking does just that, but it also preserves food flavour, shape and colour, allowing you to cook a wide range of vegetables, seafood, fruit, puddings, meat, rice and pasta. Free from oils and other fats, steaming is ideal for a low calorie diet. The Sense S0108 is also perfect for reheating food. Main features of this built-in steam oven include stainless steel interior, black spot Sense feature bar handle, touch-screen control with LCD display, electronic programmer, audible minute minder, cooking time adjustment, removable 1 litre water tank and door safety lock. The Sense S0108 steam oven sells for around £690. Caple.


Posted June 10, 2009 12:12 PM

Steam oven from Gorenje - new compact built-in steam oven


Excellent for healthy, nutrient-sustaining, low-fat diet, the new 27 liter Gorenje steam oven, BOC 6322 AX gently prepares your favourite meals, using steam to keep vitamins intact while enhancing food flavour and texture. The compact built in oven has a large 1.2 liter steamer tank and an automatic decalcification feature. Its 60cm width assures it can fit in small kitchens. This steam oven is rated 'A' for energy efficiency and has 6 functions, including lighting, steam cooking, hot air with steam, hot air, hot air with roast and thawing/heating as well as electronic touch controls, timer and temperature display. Integrated ventilation system, enameled interior, cool-touch glass-metal door and door lock are other main features of this steam oven. Price is around € 950. Gorenje. Previously, Combi steam oven from Viking.

Posted January 28, 2009 1:30 PM

Sharp Healsio steamer - the healthy oven


Sharp Healsio may look like a microwave oven, but actually it is a steam oven. This healthy oven or healthy-o, hence Healsio uses super-heated steam at up to 300°C, enabling you to grill, bake, defrost and reheat. Moreover, the ultra-heated water vapor melts away fats and reduces salts in foods while retaining vitamins that are normally lost with other cooking methods. Features include jog shuttle control, auto menu with ready to use recipes, 1.4 kW power and interior light. Available in three models - the 30 litre AX-2000, the 26 litre AX-HC4 and compact 20 litre AX-HT4. The prices for each model vary depending on the geographical area. It is sold throughout Asia and was to be available in the US as 0.9 cu. ft. or 26 litre AX-700 super heated steam oven in silver and red. However, according to the Sharp USA, it is currently not.



Posted August 27, 2008 8:28 PM

V-ZUG steam ovens


V-ZUG steam ovens come in three trims - the Combi-Steam SL, Steam S, and Combair-Steam S, providing stylish solution for healthy home cooking with professional results. V-ZUG ingenious Electronic Steam System offers several key advantages, including powerful and fast steam production, fast climate change, low water and energy consumption, no water standing in the water pipes, precise amounts of steam as needed and large fresh water tank for longer steaming. Hi-tech sensor technology offers patented climate and climate control sensors, limescale sensor and food probe. The unique climate controlled GourmetSteam is the new automatic program which uses super heated steam to prepare dishes that normally require a heavy use of oil. Traditional gentle Steaming ensures that valuable vitamins and minerals are not lost and food natural flavour is retained. Professional Baking operating mode combines steam and hot air and is perfect for all yeast-based baked goods such as bread and rolls. With Real Hot Air function you can bake two sheets of cookies or fruit and vegetable flans, getting excellent baking or cooking results every time, due to ZUG optimum hot air circulation and ventilation of the baking space. Soft Roasting makes perfectly tender meat, ready to serve at the exact time you need it. Regeneration employs a special combination of steam and hot air, allowing you to reheat pre-cooked meals or convenience food without any loss of quality or moisture and serve them as if freshly prepared. Cleaning is easy with the special descaling feature, and you only need to clean a V-ZUG oven every 6 to 18 months, depending on how often you use it.

Posted August 20, 2008 11:18 AM

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