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Steam Ovens

KitchenAid steam oven


The powerful pyrolytic KOSP 6610 is KitchenAid steam oven with superb technology and design, ideal for preparing all kinds of healthy and mouth watering foods. This advanced appliance comes with 52 liter cooking cavity and allows you to precisely calibrate the desired cooking parameters, performing like several steam ovens in one and delivering excellent results. The versatile steam oven incorporates best KitchenAid cooking technologies, borrowed directly from the professional world, including pure steam and super-heated steam combination cooking, and low temperature cooking. Alternative phases of steam cooking and traditional heat allow users to obtain delicate and wholesome cooking results, where food is both tender and juicy. The appearance and flavour of dishes is of the highest standard.


Posted June 29, 2010 11:04 AM

De Dietrich steam oven


The De Dietrich DOV745X is Compact 45 De Dietrich steam oven that allows you to use steam cooking, the healthiest way to cook and do it in style. Just by cooking foods in their own juices helps preserve vitamins, mineral salts, colours and textures. Most importantly, steaming brings out the true flavours of food more effectively than any other method of cooking. This sleek 45cm steam oven has an animated digital display with touch-sensitive temperature controls. With its 23 litre cooking cavity, De Dietrich DOV745X steam oven offers drop down door, stylish exterior and a preset choice of temperatures for the best culinary results. Easy to install with no need for plumbing, there are 4 easy stages to using the steam oven - fill the water jar, set chosen temperature, set cooking time and press Start. Unlike other steam ovens on the market, the De Dietrich steam oven does not have a pump, therefore the water moves by gravity within the oven cavity and glides onto the hot element of the oven, producing the required steam. It means that cooking is very quiet.


Posted March 1, 2010 6:28 PM

Morphy Richards Intellisteam steamer


The Morphy Richards Intellisteam steamer is an excellent way to cook meats, fish, vegetables and more. Equipped with the unique, intelligent digital timer with alarm, this steamer retains vitamins and minerals in your favourite foods, and delivers perfectly cooked, healthy dishes precisely on time. Morphy Richards also integrated a pre-set time guide for different foods such as chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and sauces eliminating all guesswork as well as Personal Memory function so your cooking times can be personalised and saved to memory for future use.


Posted January 18, 2010 12:51 PM

Built-in steam oven by Frigidaire


This RoHS compliant, stainless steel inside-out built-in steam oven with grill offers 8 cooking functions, 2 steaming rack levels, reheat and defrost settings, steam cooling and venting systems, auto-switch off, water gauge display, out-of-water warning, child safety lock, cooking and drip trays and end of cooking signal. Frigidaire.


Posted January 5, 2010 1:54 PM

ATAG QuliMax steam oven


The ATAG QuliMax is a new multi-functional, combination steam oven, combining sophisticated technology and Dutch design. Steaming used by the Chinese for many centuries is fast becoming the preferred cooking method as it brings many advantages to the table, preserving taste, nutrients, colour and texture with healthier results. In fact, steam ovens are just one of many healthy cooking appliances but certainly the most versatile. The QuliMax combination oven steams, bakes, roasts, grills, reheats and defrosts, offering the ultimate functionality for the busy household and additional programs to inspire the keenest of cooks. Moreover, this ATAG oven allows you to combine cooking modes. Roasting and baking can be accomplished using a combination of fanned heat and steam to achieve ideal humidity and heat for cooking meat and fish for a succulent, crispy finish as well as baking bread and cake for a shiny, crusty result.


Posted October 26, 2009 6:06 PM

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