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Mosaic stone backsplash tile

Small tile mosaic stone backsplash from Mozaico

The art of the Mosaic goes way back, some 3,000 years BC and is considered one of the oldest art forms that is still here. Stone mosaics used to enhanced decors of the rich and powerful. From ancient palaces of Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamian cultures, the incredibly beautiful mosaic stone backsplash tile finds the way to the modern kitchens of today consumers. You can have stone backsplash done in polished, tumbled or antique tile. Mosaic can be made in shapes, colors and finishes that truly meet your taste and satisfy imagination - whether you draw ideas from the French and Italian Renaissance, want your stone backsplash to resemble mosaic walls from Roma villa, or want to enjoy your favorite modern art with every morning cup of coffee.


Posted July 18, 2011 10:56 AM

Mosaic backsplash designs from New Ravenna


New Ravenna Mosaics will be introducing several new tile collections at KBIS 2011, which can be used for your mosaic backsplash, countertop, floor or bathroom walls. Along with the new Ikat and Studio Line collections designed by Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna Mosaics will be announcing their collaboration with Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri. Barbieri, of the Barbieri Brothers Family, is known for his patented surface treatment of marble.


Posted April 24, 2011 1:01 PM

Mosaic tile backsplash from New Ravenna


You can have a stunning mosaic tile backsplash that will put your kitchen apart from others. New Ravenna gets the unique mosaic tiles, stones and glass from across the Americas, Europe and the Far East to design beautiful mosaic splashbacks, fireplaces, floors and countertops. The company keeps many classic designs ready to ship, but you can also create your own mosaic tile backsplash, using iridescent glass, stone and ceramics. New Ravenna.


Posted April 16, 2011 12:10 AM

Metal backsplash tiles by Pressed Tin Panels


Pressed Tin Panels is a family run, Australian company that makes high end, pressed metal backsplash tiles from superior quality aluminum sheeting. In addition to backsplash tiles, they manufacture metal tiles and panels for ceilings, countertops and bathrooms as well as a full line of decorative and architectural components. There are more than 40 distinctive styles to choose from. Classic or modern design ideas or whatever else you are looking to accomplish with your metal backsplash, can be found at Pressed Tin Panels. Previously, Custom metal splashbacks.



Posted April 3, 2011 8:25 AM

Custom metal splashbacks for your kitchen by Bastille Metal Works


Metal splashback will create a unique decorative piece for the limited wall space available in your kitchen. Bastille Metal Works offers custom concepts and designs to uniquely accomplish this task. Led by Christopher Plummer, formerly CEO of Metallo Arts, Bastille Metal Works makes a wide variety of custom metal splashbacks, including slip-cast copper, pewter, zinc and bronze splashbacks, bringing life to the walls of any modern kitchen.


Posted April 1, 2011 5:29 PM

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