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La Cornue Flamberge rotisserie comes to the U.S.


This built-in gas rotisserie for indoor residential kitchens is now available from La Cornue. With the Flamberge you can conveniently and easily prepare juicy meats, poultry and fish in your own kitchens. And with the availability of custom colors, the stylish hand-made Flamberge can become the warm and inviting centerpiece of a festive meal, enticing guests with irresistible aromas. Distributed exclusively in North America by Purcell Murray, the La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie is UL-approved and requires no special ventilation.


Posted May 22, 2010 12:27 AM

Cuisinart rotisserie oven - vertical rotisserie


The stainless steel Cuisinart rotisserie oven is easy to operate and make excellent chicken by locking in flavor and draining away unwanted fat and grease. This compact vertical rotisserie has 15" x 14" footprint and gives you one of the healthiest ways to cook delicious poultry, fish and meats. The Cuisinart rotisserie roasts up to 8 pounds at once and features programmable electronic touchpad controls with LCD readout and 5 preset oven temperature settings - 325°F, 350°F, 400°F, 425°F, and 450°F, greatly simplifying your cooking tasks. Main benefits also include
- juicy, evenly roasted foods continually rotated on a vertical spit
- 3-hour countdown timer with auto shut-off
- convenient pause feature
- safety auto-shutoff
- manual mode shut-down after 4 hours of operation
- nonstick interior
- interior light with On/Off switch
- removable heat-reflective chrome inserts for consistent cooking temperatures
This vertical Cuisinart rotisserie oven comes with recipe book and dishwasher-safe accessories including 8-piece skewer set, roasting rack, poultry tower, multipurpose basket and drip tray. Price is $200. Cuisinart.


Posted October 30, 2009 10:11 AM

Molteni Rôtissoire - you will eat chicken again


The Rôtissoire 425 from Molteni makes you forget beef, lamb and foie gras. It enables you to cook the deliciously moist and flavorful chicken and do it in style. As one famous chef put it, you won't have enough of chickens to cook. Available in gas or electrical model, this professional cooking appliance is a large and beautifully ornate 48 x 36 cm hearth with 2 horizontal flat spits and 2 vertical spits. Spits adjustable on the height and on the depth. Removable dripping-pan. Gas model is the powerful 8.5 kW ribbed cast-iron hearth with ceramic fibre wicks, steel ramp burner, pilot flight and safety thermocouple on all burners. The 7.1 kw electrical Rôtissoire is the ribbed cast-iron hearth with infrared heating element controlled by On/Off switch. Measuring W82 x D42.5 x H80 cm outside and weighting 90 kg, this handsome appliance can be installed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall. Stainless steel structure is accented by brass or stainless steel and chromium fittings and comes in one of enamelled finishes - blue, red, black, green, white or ivory. Molteni.

Posted March 31, 2008 1:18 PM

Chicken rotisserie - domestic rotisserie


This high end domestic chicken rotisserie wasn't necessarily designed for home use, but it proved to be popular among many demanding homeowners around European countryside. After we wrote about excellent chicken rotisseries made by Rotisol, we were informed that the Grandes Flammes Olympia 950 NGF.2 is quite a hit as a domestic rotisserie. Measuring only W95 x D74 x H95 cm, the basic Olympia can easily fit in a large kitchen and features one burner, two spits and has 4 to 6 chicken capacity. The domestic rotisserie also comes with Rotisol patented Spatchcock cooking system, which alternatively stops the spit for 20 seconds in front of the heating element every 180 degrees. By doing this, the rotisserie doesn't just seal the flavour in, but also cuts cooking times in half, increasing production and saving energy. This chicken rotisserie is available in several enamel finishes with stainless steel or brass trim, and with many accessories and options.


The Elegance chicken rotisserie, exclusively marketed in US as domestic is shown in the kitchen. Rotisol.

Posted January 26, 2008 2:15 PM

Rotisol rotisseries - chicken rotisserie ovens from France

Long famous for the finest commercial chicken rotisseries, Rotisol USA now sells residential line of rotisseries, the Elegance rotisserie. Durable, dependable and built to last lifetime, this elegant oven brings the French culinary tradition right into your home, setting a unique benchmark for home cooking, and unlocking a cooking creativity, you never suspected you had. The Rotisol rotisserie oven is also excellent appliance to develop some healthy cooking and eating habits, as it cooks with no fat, and makes delicious and low cholesterol meals. You can roast to perfection a wide variety of products including chicken, turkey, prime ribs and fish, as this versatile oven comes with "V" shape prong less spits, and several optional accessories can be added.


Elegantly finished in stainless steel, with or without brass or chrome trims, the rotisserie oven has a patented stainless steel burner, cast iron panels and refractory bricks for unequalled cooking performance and reduced energy consumption. Cooking flames are visible through the tempered glass door. Independent spits are adjustable in depth for a perfect cooking, enabling you to cook everything from a small Cornish hen to a large turkey. The spits can be adjusted without opening the doors, due to the spit movers provided with the rotisserie. 6 chicken capacity and protective decorative roof. Rotisol.

Posted January 17, 2008 2:07 PM

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