Samsung UPS 05 Side-by-Side fridge


Samsung offers the ultimate in customization with the new UPS 05 Side-by-Side refrigerator. This exclusively designed refrigerator blends flawlessly with the kitchen background it is paired with, in the most extraordinary way - the color and material of the refrigerator front is altered and adapted exactly to a customer’s preference. This allows the design to literally integrate perfectly with the rest of your kitchen decor, erasing the space between the refrigerator and its environs. The customization of the Samsung UPS 05 continues to its interior with the flexible and convertible storage space and optimized temperature setting for storing all types of food. Featuring an easy to follow user panel with a highly visible display, this fridge represents the ultimate choice for those interested in customization combined with ease of use. The Samsung UPS 05 Side-by-Side fridge. See also Samsung QuatroCooling convertible refrigerator

Posted in Refrigerators at November 20, 2006 1:16 PM

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