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Patio Heaters

Freestanding patio heater from Dynamic Cooking Systems


Dynamic Cooking Systems, famous for DCS professional cooking ranges, offers this freestanding patio heater to make your outdoor season a little more comfortable if weather doesn't cooperate. This portable heater comes with wheels and emits 40,000 BTU’s of heat that will easily keep you warm within 20 feet radius. Made from durable, weatherproof 304 grade stainless steel, the freestanding mobile patio heater can be finished in stainless steel or in five sleek textured-color finishes. Safety shutoff, piezo electric ignition and adjustable heat-control knob. Natural gas or liquid propane. Enjoy your patio with this freestanding patio heater from Dynamic Cooking Systems. Also, bistro table patio heater.

Posted May 28, 2007 3:51 PM

Bistro table patio heater


The new bistro table patio heater from Outdoor Leisure will warm your patio and decorate it as well. Available in two models, TD101 and TD109, this bistro table patio heater can be used year round, and brings power, elegance, and unique decorative style. The heater base is finished in sleek Hammered Bronze Powder Coat, and the tabletop is in Cocoa Brown Simulated Granite. Both will blend perfectly with stained wood or brick of any color. With adjustable heat output, the bistro table patio heater distributes heat 360° around and lasts for up to 45 hours on low setting at 9,500 BTU, and 26 hours on high at 16,000 BTU. Easy Start electronic ignition, integrated wheels and safety shut-off. The price is around $300. See also SunStar outdoor patio heater.

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Outdoor patio heater from SunStar


Imagine sitting outside your lake shore cabin sometime late fall. Glass of Merlot, loons and woodpeckers, yellow maple leafs complimenting lush evergreens around you. Warm coziness provided by your outdoor patio heater makes you feel good. You walk around patio refilling your glass. Still nice and warm as this SunStar infrared heater gives you full 360 degree of warmth. Leisurely you put your glass in one of four cup holders in the heater base. Looking at the stainless steel finished model that you thought was a rip off at $450, it occurs to you that less expensive black and silver painted one you considered, wouldn't fit right into surrounding. May be you pick another patio heater for your uptown condo to put on a balcony. Hell, even your bookish neighbor can spend time outdoor sometimes as the heater pushes the 40,000 BTU of heat in 20' diameter circle. For the price of just under $360, it is a bargain. Well time to go, thanking portable wheel kit, you easily roll outdoor patio heater in the corner, shutting off matchless piezo ignition system and making a mental note to pick up few 20 lbs. gas cylinders in a nearest hardware store.

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