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Patio Heaters

my BEACON All in One patio heater


Made entirely in Germany, my BEACON All in One patio heater is designed for those who truly enjoy a dancing flame on their back yards. The All in One combines gas event torch, electric heater and lighting, and electric / water mist air conditioner.


Posted October 5, 2014 12:32 PM

LightFire patio heater by Alpina


The LightFire is the newest patio heater from Alpina and just as efficient as Falo designer patio heater. An open flame heater, LightFire features 12 kW burner and electronic ignition with remote control.


Posted May 16, 2011 2:08 PM

EvenGLO radiant patio heater


If you are looking for a patio heater like no other, the advanced EvenGLO radiant patio heater certainly fits this description. Engineered to specifically target the upscale commercial and residential market, EvenGLO represents the most significant technical breakthrough in the delivery of infrared radiant heat. This versatile radiant heater heats an area over 58% greater than a comparable competitive model. Moreover, it is available in fixed upright, hanging, and portable models to meet all patio heating requirements.



Posted August 17, 2010 10:06 PM

Patio heaters by Chillchaser


The UK based Chillchaser makes innovative and ecologically friendly patio heaters. Available in three models - Neptune, Zeus and the latest Poseidon with a built in media player, the heaters employ carbon fibre heating and offer soft instant heat with the help of replaceable elements that are designed to last at least 5,000 hours. Far infrared electric heaters deliver focused heat, heating you rather than the air while emitting zero CO2 exhaust gases - a clear Eco advantage over gas patio heaters. Used worldwide in hospitals for many problems, this carbon fibre heating is the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat, helping to maintain body vitality and increase metabolic function without side effects.

All three Chillchaser heaters use a standard 220 - 240V electric supply, so there no heavy gas cylinders to carry or need to refill. Simply plug in to a suitable 230V weatherproof outdoor socket or PowerSpike IP55 extension lead. Other common features include
- contemporary slimline design
- robust all metal construction
- up to 4 meters effective heating area at 110° angle
- safety tip-over and auto reset thermal cut-off devices
- heavy base with roller and grab handle for easy mobility
- automatic ON/OFF switch depending on peoples proximity
- IPX5 weatherproof design
- remote control magnetically attached to the heater
- protective chrome grille covers the elements
- Masterlock to lock the control panel for safety


Chillchaser flagship patio heater, Poseidon comes complete with a built in media player for outdoor entertainment and features
- powerful 40W CFL low energy light with 4-position adjustable head
- instant heat with 1.35 kW / 2.70 kW heat setting
- coated with outdoor paint for long lasting protection
- 78 inches tall
- price is £850

Poseidon screen


Posted November 9, 2009 11:26 AM

Patio heater and light from Westminster


The versatile free-standing infra-red Zeus patio heater from Westminster comes with the rechargeable LED light, giving you the ultimate accessory in outdoor living. Featuring a powerful 40 watt CFL low energy light with 4-position adjustable head, this patio heater turns off automatically if no movement is detected after 4 minutes. Its effective heating distance is 13 feet, and safety tip-over switch is provided for your peace of mind. The heater also comes with easily attached magnetic remote control, equipped with safety auto-lock feature. Westminster incorporated wheels for easy mobility and a weatherproof cover to protect against elements. Price for Zeus patio heater is around £400. See also Well Traveled Living patio heater and Whynter patio heaters.

Posted April 14, 2009 6:41 PM

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