Roshults garden kitchen


Roshults designs and manufactures its garden kitchens and BBQ grills in Sweden from high grade steel. The stylish yet very practical grills are available in charcoal or gas in 3 sizes - Roshults 100, 200 and 300.


All grills come with 5-year limited warranty and are equipped with thick stainless steel grates that transfer heat and provide the grilling stripes. The Roshults 100 Gas garden grill features two stainless dual burners, the 200 model has four and the 300 six. The grates are assembled in sections, so cleaning them is easy.

The Roshults garden kitchen BBQ grills also feature an air control duct in the inner chambers to control air supply and cooking heat. The main body is constructed from galvanized steel, coated in a highly durable Akzo Nobel anthracite powder coat.

You can customize your garden kitchen with many accessories and additional equipment. Prices start at around £1,300. Roshults. Previously, Ulaelu outdoor kitchen.

Posted in Outdoor Grills at July 26, 2014 10:08 AM

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