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Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Conmoto garden fireplace - Nero


Nero is the modern garden fireplace from Conmoto with two integrated drawers that hide the ash box. Made from combination of stainless and corten steels with the combustion chamber fitted with vermiculite plates, the elegant garden fireplace is completely weatherproof, features convenient firewood storage and allows the heat from the fire to glow a few metres out of the fireplace, providing not just a nice view, but also warmth and coziness in chilly evenings. Price is around € 2,600. Conmoto.


Posted June 21, 2010 8:27 PM

Contemporary firepit - La Hacienda Venezia


There is nothing quite like the meat cooked over a real fire. You can barbecue on this contemporary firepit, the La Hacienda Venezia or simply enjoy the view of flames, softly waving under the light breeze from the contemporary style firepit grill. A great way to bring heat and design to your garden, this stylish firepit grill is a modern day answer to the campfire and enables you to light up any location around the garden. Venezia comes with a chrome-plated swing grill that is easily attachable over the fire pit as you burn wood or coal, so delicious flame grilled burgers and sausages will be ready in no time. Sturdy cast iron construction with black finish and side handles. Should be available sometime in 2011 for approximately £200. Search other stores or check with La Hacienda.

Posted May 24, 2010 1:48 PM

Revolver firepit and grill


The elegant British designed Revolver firepit and grill will keep you warm and cozy way into the night. Simply fill the Revolver firepit with whatever solid fuel you keep handy and start the fire for the most rewarding outdoor experience. Comes with a nonstick cooking grill allowing you to barbeque few burgers as well. And when not in use or during the bright sunny day when you don't need a fire blazing away, just hide the grill with a sleek bamboo lid, converting the Revolver firepit into a stylish table. The 60cm diameter firepit is made of powder coated steel and sells for around $250 USD or £125.


Posted May 24, 2010 11:51 AM

Planika fires - new outdoor fireplaces

New for the US outdoor living, the beautiful and versatile Planika fires combine European design and style with advanced eco-friendly smokeless fire technology, using a renewable green Fanola liquid that is safe to burn indoors as well. Fanola is alcohol-based, smoke and smell free and does not release any harmful substances to the environment. These outdoor fires also feature Planika unique and patented Glassfire Technology which creates the effect of the dancing flames, bringing element of living fire into your life. Planika fires come with lighter, decorative stones and sand, metal tool for lighting and extinguishing fire, stainless steel burner cup and tray, glass cylinder and instruction manual. Full container gives you 2 hours of burning flames.

Bubble fire is designed by Serge Atallah from polyester glass fiber and finished in orange red.

Freestanding Galileo outdoor fireplace is a creative marriage of glass and steel.

Perfect for a terrace or garden, the Rondo is built from stainless steel, powder coated steel and tempered glass.


Posted August 30, 2009 12:27 AM

Conmoto outdoor fireplace


Conmoto Muro is modern, clean contemporary outdoor fireplace designed by Sebastian David Buscher from glass fibre reinforced concrete, fine stainless steel and glass. The minimalist fireplace burns liquid bio-alcohol and is perfect for any outdoor location. You can set it up on your patio or balcony, even mount to the wall. While this outdoor fireplace is purely decorative, it does generate close to 1 kW of heat. Specially crafted stainless steel hook allows for infinite adjustment of the fuel tank. Price for Conmoto Muro outdoor fireplace with glass fire screen is £1,095 or £935 without. Conmoto.


Posted July 20, 2009 12:11 PM

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