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Indoor Grills

Indoor grill - SteakHouse indoor electric grill from Ariete


The new SteakHouse indoor grill from Ariete is an electric grill that lets you experience the most authentic grilling right in your kitchen. With SteakHouse indoor electric grill, food products cook without coming into contact with their fats, just as it is with traditional grilling. Ideally suited for indoor use, the uniquely designed grill cooks in vertical position, so the fats and excessive juices drain into the special tray, cooking healthier and tastier foods, and preventing the formation of annoying smoke, as the fats and juices stay far away from the double exposed vertical heating elements, so your kitchen air has neither smoke nor smells. Made of stainless steel and equipped with springs that adapt to foods having different thicknesses - from 3 cm down to .5 cm, the patented adjustable internal grill keeps the whole unit in a vertical position while cooking. With the help of two vertical plates that sandwich the food, cooking it on both sides at the same time, the SteakHouse indoor grill cooks twice as fast, and without having to turn food over. Other features of this electric indoor grill include luminous on/off switch, power adjustment and convenient side opening. The price for this Italian made, vertical indoor electric grill is around €150. Ariete.


Posted February 20, 2008 1:14 AM

The new Sunbeam Cafe Series Grill and Barbecue from Sunbeam Appliances


The new GC8900 Sunbeam Cafe Series Grill and Barbecue is a versatile cafe cooking appliance for the domestic kitchen. From Sunbeam Appliances comes the contact grill, compact and flexible with several grilling and barbecuing options, giving you an ideal indoor grill, which can substitute few separate small appliances.


This grill features a trigger release hinge, which combined with unique ratchet mechanism, transforms the one appliance for use across three different cooking applications. Lock the grill plates ajar to melt cheese on open sandwiches or mini pizzas, press larger sandwiches between the plates for crisp cooking without squashing.


Or flip the contact grill open to 180 degrees to use as an indoor barbecue for meats, seafood and vegetables.

It features variable temperature control, adjustable grill plate angle and easy to clean Teflon Platinum Pro non-stick grill plates that are metal utensil safe for simple care and maintenance. Sunbeam Appliances equipped the Cafe Grill and Barbecue with 2400 watt butterfly shaped elements for fast and even heating. The specially designed grilling ribs are cleverly positioned to guide fats away from the food. With the help of the sloped plates, the ribs effectively channel fats into the centrally positioned drip tray. The robustly styled grill is highlighted by the subtle curves that create the front die cast fascias. These fascias flow over the front to reflect the quality and clean form of the product. Sunbeam Appliances.

Posted January 11, 2008 10:41 PM

Kuppersbusch Gourmet Grill - freestanding, mobile electric grill


Enjoy a new dimension of grilling with Kuppersbusch electric Gourmet Grill. This mobile grill features a vitroceramic grill zone for healthy grilling. You can even detach grill surface for table top cooking or use it as a plate warmer. The Kuppersbusch PGW 4000 freestanding, mobile stainless steel grill comes on trolley with ceramic glass grilling surface divided into 2 grilling zones. With the total grill area of almost 230 square inches, you can cook without smoke, pollutants and burned fat. Made of exclusive high-grade stainless steel and measuring H78 x W56 x D66 cm, this Kuppersbusch Gourmet Grill can be used in house, balcony or winter garden. The price for this mobile grill is £255. More portable grills.

Posted December 9, 2007 2:07 PM

Raclette grills from Swissmar


The Swissmar Raclette grills come in different shapes, sizes and configurations, perfect for both entertaining and simple family dinners. What has been a time honored tradition in Switzerland has spread around the world. With everyone grilling their own food and sharing few drinks, the Raclette grills are here to stay. Swissmar. Previously, Trudeau indoor electric grill and FourFour PizzaGrills.

Posted November 26, 2007 8:11 PM

BlueStar Salamander Broiler


This Salamander Broiler from BlueStar brings commercial quality indoor grilling into your private kitchen. The four position spring balanced adjustable grilling rack system will help you achieve cooking results that are good enough for chef who works in a five star hotel. Grill and broil all your favorite meats and surprise the guests time and time again. The BlueStar Salamander broiler is the cooking appliance of choice for finishing or browning your culinary dishes, and a must for any high-performance kitchen. The Salamander can be wall-mounted above your BlueStar range or used as a countertop unit. You can even choose a stand-alone wall mount, but however you do, it must be installed with a vent hood. A direct-fired commercial type ceramic infrared broiler is standard on all of Blue Star Salamander broilers. This large burner produces 1850º F of intense searing heat with the help of two independently controlled 11,000 BTU infrared ceramic burners, and can be adjusted for gentler broiling of more delicate foods. Other features are automatic electronic ignition and re-ignition system, push-to-turn, infinite setting control valves. With Salamander heavy duty, commercial stainless steel construction and genuine commercial performance in a residentially approved package, you can cut cooking time virtually in half and achieve mouth watering results each time. BlueStar.

Posted September 15, 2007 5:31 PM

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