Italian hoods for your kitchen by Fim Kappe


From traditional to modern, you can get the hood style you want for your kitchen. Fim Kappe Italian hoods offer interesting design and outstanding workmanship. The stainless steel Vip comes with 3-speed tangential motor and brings high extraction capacity with top rate of 1,100 m³/h. Or you can choose a 450 m³/h or 600 m³/h speed to match your needs. Removable and washable metal grease filters and 20 watt halogen spotlights.


Adding clock and tiles is a nice touch. Piastrellata Orologio is the classic Italian kitchen hood available in 90cm or 120cm widths. Top speed is 600 m³/h. One 40 watt light, removable and washable metal grease filters.


90cm wide Modulo Vetro has all glass canopy, 3-speed blower with 1,100 m³/h top extraction rate, removable and washable metal grease filters, 40 watt light.


Stylish Vela offers contrasting combination of wood and steel, and comes in 90cm or 120cm width, delivering a traditional look that is very popular throughout Europe. 600 m³/h rate, 40 watt light, removable and washable metal grease filters.


The wall mounted Venere Deco brings a splash of colors to your kitchen. Truly an Italian motive. 600 m³/h top extraction rate, 40 watt light, removable and washable metal grease filters. Fim Kappe. Previously, Artech Italian range hoods.

Posted in Hoods & Vents at September 30, 2010 10:36 AM

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