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Green Appliances

Green refrigeration from Lec


Lec offers greener cooling. The company has teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust, EST to launch a range of Eco-friendly cooling products in a move that will make green refrigeration more affordable to the consumer. Lec's entire product portfolio of affordable under-counter larder, refrigerator and freezer products have been re-launched with 'A+' ratings for improved energy efficiency.

The products will have the 'A+' symbol on the fascia, carry an 'A+' label for retail display and will also bear the approved Energy Saving Recommended trademark. The EST's Energy Saving Recommended labeling scheme is a voluntary initiative which aims to endorse top performing products in their class for energy savings and to support the EST in its aim to achieve carbon savings.

In addition to the energy saving benefits going green can offer, the under-counter refrigeration line has also been revamped to include recessed handles, better door furniture, 4-star ice boxes on refrigerator models and the introduction of a black colour option on some models. Lec is confident its green refrigeration will be popular with retailers as it will provide them with a range of easily identifiable, Eco-efficient cooling products at a realistic price point. The products will be featured on the EST website and Lec will help retailers support sales by providing dedicated POS and trade literature to demonstrate the environmental and financial benefits of making the switch to 'A+'.


Posted March 17, 2010 10:38 AM

Eco chrome kettle


The Eco chrome kettle contains an internal reservoir which holds a full capacity of water ready for use, while the measuring button allows any quantity, from a single cup to a full capacity, to be released into the separate chamber for boiling. Thus, you are going to get exactly the right amount of water every time you boil, and no more waste. Not only its shiny chrome finish makes this kettle a rather nice looking appliance for water boiling, but it does good for environment. So good in fact, that the sleek chrome kettle has recently been awarded the prestigious Recommended mark by the Energy Saving Trust. This is the first award to be given in the EST newly established kettle category, and endorses the massive 31% average energy savings achieved by the Eco Kettle in independent trials. You can buy this chrome kettle for £40.

Posted March 10, 2010 10:12 AM

Eco friendly washing machine with SterilTub function


The new Gorenje WA60125 is robust Eco friendly washing machine designed for busy consumers who demand performance and capacity, yet want to stay as Eco friendly as possible while doing their everyday chores. Thanks to Gorenje innovative UseLogic technology, the new freestanding WA60125 washing machine operates with lower water and energy consumption, making it extremely environmentally friendly. Boasting an 'A+' energy class rating, this Eco washer consumes 10% less energy compared to an 'A' rated appliance and also benefits from greater savings in water so has the potential of reducing household utility bills. The large capacity drum takes 6kg of laundry and the ergonomically designed extra large 33cm porthole door makes it easier to load and empty the drum, even when washing large laundry items, such as duvets and blankets.

UseLogic technology uses intelligent sensors to continuously monitor the purity of the water in each cycle and automatically adjusts the level of water for the type of load, ensuring that clothes and fabrics are cleaned gently and efficiently. During the rinsing process, the sensors also monitor the amount of detergent used and automatically take care of additional rinsing where appropriate.

As well as the 15 standard washing programmes, this Eco friendly machine also features special programmes tailored to suit all kinds of needs. These include the Mix option, which is designed to wash a variety of different garments and colours at the same time, instead of traditionally separating. The Easy Ironing option adds more water and has a gentler spinning action to prevent clothes from bundling together and easing creasing and wrinkling, making them easier to iron - a bonus for those who hate ironing. The ECO 30°C wash option provides excellent washing results at a lower temperature, giving the opportunity to save energy and money once more. The 17 Minute Quick Wash option is very handy for less soiled laundry and perfect of those of us in a hurry.


Posted March 3, 2010 10:18 AM

Siemens innovative zeolitic drying system


An innovative zeolitic drying system from Siemens has won the Award for Climate Protection and the Environment in the category for product and service innovations in the field of climate protection. Equipped with this system, the Siemens speedMatic dishwasher is around 20% more efficient than appliances in the highest energy-efficiency category. Its minimal water consumption, 10 instead of 14 liters per cycle, also sets a new record. Engineers at BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte are the first to take this completely new technology to the mass-production stage as well. Although it is only featured in top-of-the-range models at present, there are already plans to introduce it successively in mid-range models.


Inside the dishwasher are special minerals that generate supplementary heat. This shortens the program at 50°C to just under two hours, which is around 30 minutes less than is needed by conventional dishwashers. As a result, the speedMatic is also the fastest dishwasher in the highest efficiency category. This supplementary heat is generated by zeolites - aluminosilicate minerals with a very large surface area and microporous structure. The dishwasher exploits the ability of such minerals to absorb up to 40% of their dry weight in water and, in the process, give off heat. By the same token, they release this water when heated.


Posted February 12, 2010 9:42 AM

Ekokook - green kitchen of the Future by Faltazi Lab

Ekokook is designed for people who want to reduce their ecological footprint to the bare minimum by producing green energy, reducing energy consumption and properly managing their waste. This green kitchen turns everyday waste into a new reusable source of energy, where each drop of water that fell on the roof or came from a tap should be used to the maximum instead of going straight down the drain, that every watt of wind and solar power produced by the house should be valorized on the spot.


Here is how Faltazi describes this endeavour: Ekokook is about implementing a comprehensive prospective research project for eco-friendly habitat in the real world, the Faltazi Lab. We are trying to answer the question of how to introduce ecological projects into the home. How to upgrade existing housing without Advocating complete reconstruction. The obvious responses are those that use non-structural elements of living space (doors, windows, equipments ...), which can be mass-produced industrially and are simple to install. We focus on the material interfaces between habitat and external resources. Each wall, each balcony, each window, each door, each shutter can serve as a support for an eco-system. Each facility in interaction with external networks (sink drain, garbage receptacle ...) can be upgraded to produce an immediate eco-benefit. All the air, water, wind and sun that reach habitat must be seen as scarce resources to be captured and used. Each drop of water must be collected and used to the Utmost before being evacuated to external networks. Slowly but surely, the accumulated effects of these eco-benefits will change our environmental footprint for the better.

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Ekokook grew out of an experimental approach based on the analysis of the nerve center of every home, the kitchen. The place where we store food and prepare food, and produce and evacuate wastes is a vital core area for exchanges and convergences. It is also a place that generates all sorts of pollution. Which makes it the ideal focus for a study in eco-design.

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Posted February 5, 2010 8:06 AM

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