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Upright freezers from Electrolux


Electrolux offers two upright freezers with 21 and 17 cubic foot capacities, both featuring exterior IQ-Touch digital control, automatic ice maker, FastFreeze option to lock in freshness, power failure and door open alarms. Each Energy Star rated upright freezer comes with sleek Electrolux-designed Soft-Arc, stainless steel door. The lockable blue LED display shows vital functions and displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Alarm System will notify you in case of a power failure, if a door stays open longer than 5 minutes, and if the freezer interior temperature rises above 23 degrees for more than 60 minutes. Both of these upright freezers are frost free. For your convenience, Electrolux also equips each freezer with adjustable glass shelves that are easily moved and cleaned, and special Luxury-Glide full-width baskets and tilt-out wire door racks. The 21 cu. ft. upright freezer comes with an industry exclusive three baskets. The 17 cu. ft. model has two. Other features include bright lighting, pizza and platter rack, small-items rack and door lock. The price for the 36" wide upright freezers from Electrolux is $1,300 and $1,200 respectively.

Posted March 19, 2008 3:43 PM

Sub-Zero freezer - largest capacity freezer


The 601F All Sub-Zero freezer can hold all of your frozen goods, no matter the size of your family's appetite. This freezer has a large storage capacity of 19.3 cubic feet, one of the largest capacities on the market. Sub-Zero makes this freezer portion in several models - Framed Design, Overlay Design, Classic Stainless Steel, Platinum Stainless Steel, Carbon Stainless Steel. The freezer has a convenient shallow-depth design, so even with its large capacity, you can easily reach anywhere inside. Other features of this excellent Sub-Zero freezer are easy-to-use electronic controls, bright interior lighting, open door alarm, and automatic ice maker with pull-out ice drawer. To top it up, according to Sub-Zero, this freezer uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. See also the Sub-Zero refrigerator, freezer, ice-maker range.

Posted February 23, 2007 9:21 AM

New Gaggenau freezer with ice and water dispenser


The new Gaggenau freezer with external ice and water dispenser (RF 463) will premier in the 2nd quarter of 2007. Gaggenau makes this 24 inch freezer with a quick and easy access to filtered ice and water. You don't have to open the freezer door. The water dispenser can fill an 8 ounce glass in just 8 seconds, and also features a pitcher holder where large pitchers and other containers can be placed conveniently under the dispenser without the need for you to support the full weight of the container. Featuring an anti-clump system, this Gaggenau freezer produces evenly shaped, single ice cubes every time and agitates the ice at timed intervals, ensuring that the ice will not freeze together after defrost cycles or extended periods with the door open. Inside, a ventilator ensures that the temperature is distributed evenly within the compartment. This freezer also features No-Frost technology, eliminating the need for tiresome and time-consuming manual defrosting, ensuring that no frost builds up on stored food items. The Gaggenau-exclusive heavy load door hinge holds up to 220 pounds of door weight and the installed door opens to a 115 degree angle, allowing easy access to pull out drawers and stored items. Enjoy the luxury of externally available filtered water and ice at the touch of a button with this convenient and functional freezer. See also Gaggenau wine cooler.

Posted December 22, 2006 2:28 PM

Siemens noFrost freezer


Siemens expands your long-term food storage options with its new 70cm noFrost Freezers. Made with an integrated automatic defrost system, this noFrost freezer never requires manually defrosting. These appliances are especially energy-efficient, boasting the top rating in energy efficiency class - an A++. With widths up to 70 cm, the Siemens noFrost freezer offers plenty of space for large items, over 40% more storage space than comparable units. These freezers defrost themselves by directing moist air from the interior to the evaporator via a ducting system. The moist air is deposited as frost, cooled down and then passes back into the interior of the appliance as dry air. Any frost that forms on the evaporator is melted with a small amount of heat and then routed outside where it evaporates into a drip tray. With the Siemens noFrost freezer, food retains its original taste, quality and texture because the heat is extracted more rapidly upon freezing. This freezer also features a new pizzaBox that can accommodate up to six 28 cm pizzas, an iceTwister which produces ice cubes on demand, and newly designed lighted draws with more illumination. The easy-to-use handle effortlessly opens the doors to reveal the interior and the freezer blocks that are supplied with the product. The Siemens noFrost freezer measures W70 x H185 x D75 cm. The price is €1,059 or $1,387.

Posted December 19, 2006 5:24 PM

Frost free chest freezer by Electrolux


The ECM3571 chest freezer from Electrolux offers advanced options for your freezing needs. The Frost Free experience guarantees that you will never again have to defrost this appliance - a process that saves time, money and effort in addition to ensuring the preservation of your food flavor and texture. This chest freezer also features an "Easy Ice" component, a special compartment that makes ice in just 5 hours with two smart ice trays, ensuring you always have ice on hand. The ECM3571 also features an "Easy Lid" with a low suction seal that is counter-balanced for easy opening. The vacuum release valve on the back of the chest ensures that this freezer door will never be hard to open, due to vacuum build-up - an issue that has plagued other chest freezer units. In additional to all that, this Electrolux chest freezer has a “Fast Freeze” function which freezes food quickly in order to retain as much nutritional value and taste as possible. A feature-rich chest freezer from Electrolux.

Posted November 21, 2006 9:10 PM

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