Solac Squissita PLUS


If Solac Neo Espression Supremma is not exactly the espresso machine you are looking for, consider elegant, capable and far less expensive Solac Squissita PLUS CE4550. Finished in sleek titanium color, the Squissita PLUS comes with 18 bar pressure pump, which is ideally suited for coffee extraction and does not break the cream.

Solac CE4500 and CE4490

The Solac espresso coffee machine features exclusive built-into-filter double cream system, designed to prevent the free flow of the coffee and increase the pressure required to brew the coffee, Comfort Clean filter holder that needs no accessories to make one or two cups, cup warming tray, super silent QSD technology, stainless-steel steam nozzle, stainless-steel boiler, DDS System that releases residual pressure after extracting the coffee and gets rid of the annoying drip, and removable 12-litre water tank with water level indicator. In addition, Solac Squissita PLUS can be used with different sizes of cups as well as single-dose coffee pods and ground coffee. And you can add two-position foamer accessory for preparing exquisite cappuccinos, and latte machiatos. Seen in stores for as little as € 90. Solac.

Posted in Espresso Machines at September 13, 2011 9:53 AM

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