Bugatti espresso machine


Who says espresso machines can’t be streamlined, stylish and reminiscent of a classic race car? The Diva Bugatti espresso machine invokes the car it is named after while also ensuring the perfect conditions for making an ideal espresso. The conical shape of the Diva not only saves space, it also ensures that heat spreads only to the top part of the unit, keeping coffee cups dry and at the right temperature for serving. This Bugatti espresso machine can use either coffee pods or coffee powder and the steam function can help create a tasty cappuccino or tea. A 0.8 liter water tank is integrated at the back of the machine and is designed to guarantee that the water leaves with a temperature range of 89-92 degrees Celsius. The Bugatti espresso machine also features twin percolators, a chrome-plated milk steamer and a brass water heater. Available in red or chrome, the Bugatti Diva espresso machine is as much a work of art as it is an impressive machine. Available for £398 or $752 USD.


Posted in Espresso Machines at November 13, 2006 9:26 PM

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