A Modo Mio Favola cappuccino espresso machine


The new A Modo Mio Favola cappuccino espresso machine combines Lavazza renowned, quality espresso extraction technology with AEG new and innovative 2-button milk frothing system. Creamy cappuccinos and café lattes can now be made quickly and easily at the touch of a button, ensuring a perfect morning coffee to leave you ready to face the day ahead.

The A Modo Mio Favola Cappuccino fuss-free functionality uses a combination of both steam and whisks for the best frothing and heating results perfect for both hot and cold drinks. In fact the AEG coffee machine is so easy to use, you can indulge your inner barista and deliver perfect results every time.

To make the perfect coffee using your Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola espresso cappuccino machine,
- choose your favourite Lavazza blend and prepare an espresso
- fill the vessel, to either the cappuccino or latte sign, with fresh milk
- plug the motor into the machine and fit the vessel underneath
- press either the cappuccino or latte button which will start the frothing process
- the frothing process will stop automatically once the milk has reached the desired consistency
- pour the frothed milk into you cup or glass and enjoy with a sigh

The A Modo Mio Favola Cappuccino is available from November in graphite grey and January in red. Lavazza. Previously, Modo Mio Piccina espresso machine.

Posted in Espresso Machines at August 31, 2012 12:48 PM

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