Thermador induction cooktops with silver mirrored finish


The reflective silver mirrored finish of new Thermador induction cooktops adds an elegant touch to any luxury kitchen and perfectly matches Thermador recently redesigned appliances that boast stylish and dramatic stainless steel accents. The 36" induction cooktop with silver mirrored finish performance and functionality matches its fresh and refined look. This safe and easy to clean induction cooktop features Thermador proprietary 10-step power micro-adjustments which allow for the ultimate heating precision of induction between zero and 25%, providing superior performance over the widest range of simmering needs. Normally induction cooktops heat 50% faster than traditional gas cooktops, but Thermador PowerBoost heats even faster as the feature permits the maximum power rating of an element to be exceeded, bringing foods to the desired highest temperature in the shortest period of time. The silver mirrored finish is also available on Thermador 30" induction cooktops.The 36 inch cooktop is priced at about $3,000 and the 30 inch model costs about $2,050 USD. Previously, Thermador hybrid radiant-induction cooktop.

Posted in Cooktops at December 10, 2007 1:07 PM

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