CleanDesign built-in electric cooktop - GE Profile glass ceramic cooktops


GE Profile glass ceramic cooktops from CleanDesign series are sleek electric cooktops which will not only perform to your highest standards, but also serve as centerpieces of any contemporary kitchen. Available in 30" and 36" configurations, every glass ceramic electric cooktop offers impressive list of features. Electronic touch controls provide easy, point-and-cook convenience. Precise Digital Control System delivers even heating and less temperature variation. Pan Presence Sensor detects if a burner element is left "ON" and automatically shuts it off, if not in use. Virtually every CleanDesign Profile cooktop is also equipped with Pan Size Sensor which automatically adjusts the heating element to the size of the pan, and Dual Size Ribbon Element for a convenient choice of using a 6" or 9" heating element, depending on the size of the pan. These GE cooktops available in stainless steel, black and white finishes, and offer excellent value with prices ranging from $500 to $1,700. GE Profile electric cooktops.


Posted in Cooktops at March 21, 2007 11:34 AM

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