Melitta bar-cube IS fully automatic coffee machine


The new fully automatic coffee machine, the Melitta bar-cube IS delivers consistently perfect coffee quality for every conceivable coffee specialty as well as the finest hot chocolate specialties. All supplied by a single, reliable, fully automatic coffee machine with durable technology, simple operation and a high degree of hygienic safety. A further highlight is the machine innovative design with its distinctive lighting, a true eye-catcher in every setting.

Apart from its clear and compact design, the Melitta bar-cube IS also boasts professional, high-performance components. 30 beverage specialties can be easily stored via 5 operating levels, with clear information on each step via the machine’s display. The illuminated product keys make it particularly easy to make the right choice. Not only can two different coffee beans be processed in parallel, but also two different chocolate varieties - using either milk or powdered milk.


The machine inner workings guarantee many years of professional usage. Detachable bean containers, metal brewing unit, robust rotation pump, stainless steel grinding disks, Variable Pressure System for various coffee specialties, micro-fine sieve and HACCP-certified, automatic cleaning system. And of course, an easy-to-clean milk frothing system for perfect milk foam.

With its simple, intuitive operation, the Melitta bar-cube guarantees perfect coffee preparation by everyone in your establishment, even non-baristas. The new fully automatic coffee machine with chocolate is ideal for all catering units with a daily consumption of up to 150 cups per day. Previously, Melitta c35 coffee machine.

Posted in Coffee Makers at April 6, 2011 10:56 AM

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