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Built-In Coffee Machines

Built-in fully automatic espresso machine by Gaggenau


There is nothing wrong with Gaggenau CM 210 stainless steel espresso maker or CM 200 built-in coffee maker. The latest Gaggenau built-in model, the CM 250 just offers a little bit more of everything, delivering espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button.


Posted June 13, 2010 1:10 AM

Small espresso machine by Teka


The stainless steel small espresso machine, Teka CM38 is built-in espresso system with touch control digital display, back lit panel and convenient light indicators for lack of water and coffee beans. Featuring 200 gram coffee storage and 2.5 liter water tank, this small espresso machine offers regular coffee, espresso, steam and hot water. Integrated adjustable coffee grinder makes ground coffee of different thickness, from coarse to extra fine. The espresso machine also comes with water purification filter, adjustable coffee spout and dispenser for hot water and steam. Price for this small built-in espresso machine is around € 1,300. Teka.


Posted January 31, 2010 6:20 PM

Compact espresso machine from Teka


Finished in fingerprint-proof stainless steel, Teka CM 45 is compact espresso machine with easy-to-use semi electronic control panel, 30 auto programs, 13-position adjustable internal grinder and direct brewing system which enhances the aroma of the freshly ground coffee to unbelievable fullness and intensity. Teka also equips this coffee machine with adjustable coffee outlet and retractable nozzle for frothing milk as well as steam and hot water, while 2-cup capacity comes handy, when two of you are in the morning rush. You can adjust coffee quantity, intensity and temperature with the help of control panel and 8-language display. Other main features and benefits of this compact espresso machine include,
- 200 gr coffee beans container, enough for 14 cups
- 1.8 litre removable water tank
- separate containers for beans and ground coffee
- rinsing, cleaning and descaling functions
- easy to clean, removable brewing unit
- 3 coffee temperatures
- 15 bar pump
The 60cm wide compact espresso machine is also 'A' energy rated and priced at around € 900. Teka.


Posted November 29, 2009 11:11 PM

AEG Electrolux coffee maker


The new fully integrated AEG-Electrolux coffee maker, PE3810-M makes coffee making easy with its electronic touch controls, pre-programmed coffee selection, LED display and halogen light. Finished in fingerprint proof stainless steel, the PE3810-M provides an endless supply of quality espresso, cappuccino or your preferred style of coffee. This coffee maker has a hot water dispenser for coffee drinks, hot chocolate or tea making and steam spout for frothy milk drinks too. The multi-cup option gives up to 6 cups of coffee in one go and its telescopic shelf runners make cleaning and filling a breeze. It uses fresh coffee beans for truly authentic, delicious tasting coffee. Shown with the co-ordinating accessory drawer, PKD6070M which keeps everything stylishly close by. All accessories of the new AEG Electrolux coffee maker are dishwasher safe. Available in the end of December 2009. AEG-Electrolux.


Posted November 25, 2009 9:26 PM

Stainless steel espresso maker - Gaggenau CM 210


The new Gaggenau CM 210 is the fully automatic, built-in stainless steel espresso maker, designed to take place of the highly successful Gaggenau built-in coffee maker, the CM 200. Combining the highest quality materials with cutting-edge design, this espresso machine now matches Gaggenau ovens in stainless steel for seamless integration into kitchen cabinetry. You will enjoy the full aroma of freshly brewed Italian-style coffee every day in the comfort of your home. Gaggenau incorporated its unique conical grinding gear of hardened steel which together with the exclusive Aroma whirl brewing technique, ensures that this stainless steel espresso maker makes distinctively flavorful coffee each and every time.


The machine also comes with adjustable brewing chamber, offering 6 levels of ground coffee, from smooth to super strong. Thanks to the Aroma whirl, the drip grind is spun during the brewing process so that water reaches each and every coffee granule. Single portion cleaning ensures no residual build-up and water pipes are rinsed after each cycle, guaranteeing authentic aroma and purity.


Posted September 20, 2009 8:49 PM

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