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Beer Dispensers & Coolers

Stainless steel beer caddy from Neiman Marcus


Here is the simple and functional beer caddy from Neiman Marcus, the perfect holiday gift which is also easy on your wallet. Just for $100 USD you get the stainless steel beer dispenser that will cool your 5-liter beer or soda kegs to the perfect temperature. Can be used indoor or outdoor and comes with DC adapter for your car. As long as you are not drinking while driving, that is nice touch if you want to have a cold one somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Overall dimensions are H32" x W20" x D26". Neiman Marcus.

Posted November 20, 2007 11:26 PM

Vinotemp beer dispenser - stainless steel mini keg beer dispenser


Enjoy a perfectly poured beer every time with this attractive table top Vinotemp beer dispenser. Digital temperature controls let you set the exact temperature of your beer while the CO2 regulates the pour. This stainless steel counter top mini keg beer dispenser uses ultra quiet and energy efficient thermoelectric technology to cool the beer. Besides this cooling method is one of the most environment friendly as it doesn't use ozone depleting chemicals so you can drink your beer with a clear conscience. With its black and silver body with a removable spill tray for easy cleanup, the Vinotemp beer dispenser is sure to look good wherever it is placed. Measuring 10.5"W x 21"D x 17.25"H this stainless steel mini keg comes with 3 CO2 cartridges and can hold standard size mini kegs up to 5 liters. The price is $315. Previously, Vinotemp wine cellar.

Posted November 20, 2007 10:56 PM

Avanti countertop mini beer cooler - portable kegerator


The Avanti countertop mini beer cooler, MBD5L is the 5-liter beer keg with integrated tap that allows you to draw tavern-style draught beer with a creamy head from a kitchen countertop or home bar. An LCD shows the exact temperature of the mini cooler and adjusts at a touch of a button from 37 to 53 F, while a pressure gauge on the exterior of the Avanti beer cooler regulates the CO2 content and allows you to alter the carbonation to enhance the flavor and aroma of the draught beer. This portable kegerator has AC and DC power adapters that allow for use at home or on a boat, and the lightweight yet sturdy design ensures ease of portability and years of reliable use. Overall dimensions are 17"H x 15"W x 15"D and weight is 16 lbs. You can buy this Avanti countertop mini beer cooler for about $230.

Posted November 19, 2007 4:47 PM

Beer keg cooler from Waeco


The Waeco MyFridge series also feature this excellent beer keg cooler which utilizes the century-old, well-proven principle of traditional broaching instead of pumping the beer needlessly through hoses inside the cooler. That means that bacteria, fungi and dirt have no chance of spreading in the system. A simple aeration mechanism is enough to ensure that the tap fastened to any party keg will release a fresh draught with absolute perfection. And of course there is no need to buy expensive CO2 cartridges. As soon as this beer cooler is activated, cooled air begins to circulate all around the keg to ensure an even cooling effect, and an optimal drinking temperature from the first to the last drop. This principle is far superior to other manufacturers contact or radiation cooling. Another bonus the Waeco beer cooler provides is that you can use commonly available and inexpensive 5-litre non-return beer kegs with integrated tap and huge choice of beer varieties. Perfect for outdoor use and easy to clean without chemicals, because there are no beer-carrying hoses, this Waeco beer keg cooler costs €95. See also Phillips Perfect Draft and Sanyo portable beer cooler.

Posted October 26, 2007 3:32 PM

Philips Perfect Draft


The Philips Perfect Draft is a unique and stylish appliance perfect for the draught beer enthusiast. Using 6-liter metal kegs that follow the lines of the large traditional kegs, the Perfect Draft ensures the freshness and integrity of the beer for a period of 28 days. Equipped with an internal cooling mechanism, the Philips Perfect Draft chills your beer to an ideal temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. The display shows the temperature of the beers as well as the remaining beer level inside the keg. The genuine tap handle and integrated pump guarantee the optimum pressure required to pour the perfect draught beer. Measuring 26W x 42D x 35H cm and weighing 7,9 kg or 17.5 lbs, the Perfect Draft is available for €150 or $197 USD. From Philips.

Posted January 4, 2007 12:23 AM

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