Thermador Freedom Collection - not your common built-in home appliances


The Thermador Freedom collection brings unique modular column design allowing you to create customized refrigeration system from various sizes and configurations. In short, it offers unmatched flexibility. Freedom collection consists of bottom freezer refrigerator, freezer column and fresh food column. The freedom of choices is stunning. Thermador Freedom 36" refrigerator is available in 2 door or 3 door configuration. Freezer column can be ordered 18", 24" and 30" wide and come with specially designed external ice dispenser. Fresh food column comes in 24" and 30" wide models. Each and every product and configuration is available in stainless steel and custom finishes and there are 3 types of handles to choose. Features include specifically engineered heavy duty hinges, capable of 115 degrees swing, so the columns can be flush mounted, shelves that can be moved with simple touch of a button, electronic controls, halogen lights, and glass tiered shelving. The collection is due this summer. Thermador.


Posted in Appliance Trends at May 16, 2006 11:37 AM

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