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Cook-n-Dine flameless cooking stainless steel table-grill


You can grill indoors and outdoors with the new Cook-n-Dine flameless cooking grill-table. All you need is electrical outlet. Cook anything you want on its stainless steel surface in just several minutes. The center of Cook-n-Dine table heats up to 430ºF and forms a shallow cooking pit. Cook right on without using pots or pans, so you have few dishes to wash after dinner. The outer table area remains completely cold. The table-grill comes in 3 diameters: 35.5", 43" and 47". All tables are 29.75" high. The price starts at about $1,600. Cook-n-Dine.

Posted in Appliance Trends at May 10, 2006 09:17 AM

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