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Berbel Skyline ceiling lift hood

Hoods & Vents | Jul-10-11


Skyline ceiling lift hood is the first of the three Berbel kitchen hoods without filters, that won 2011 red dot best of the best design award. Designed by Stefan Ambrozus, the Skyline embodies an impressive light sculpture that hovers at the chosen height when you need it. The ceiling hood comes with a remote control and has a sophisticated LED lighting for a bright yet soft illumination.


LG iPro fridge freezer

Refrigerators | Jul-10-11


This 60cm wide LG iPro fridge freezer offers 339-litre capacity shared between 124-litre refrigerator and 115-litre freezer compartments. Finished in 2-tone brushed steel, the GB7138A2VW1 comes with digital LED display, child lock, door open alarm, water dispenser, LED light, auto defrost and express freezing. LG also equipped this fridge freezer with special digital sensors and Multi-Flow feature to keep your favourite foods fresher for longer by maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity.


Electrolux vertical chimney hood

Hoods & Vents | Jul-07-11


The new stainless steel Electrolux vertical chimney hood will create a designer feel in your kitchen. This large chimney comes in 55cm and 80cm widths with 2 halogen lights and 4-speed blower to make cooking easier and more pleasant.


Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Jul-06-11


Designed by Carsten Gollnick, Quint showcases many faces of fire, offering a new dimension of a mundane solid fuel stove. This sleek black iron stove will be the focal point of your living room. Its three window panes enable the best possible view of the interplay of the flames. The softly rounded corners and unique shape that appears to open up at the top, make Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove more of decorative piece than of a functional heating appliance. Yet with 7.0 kW output, 78% efficiency and large fuel storage, Quint will keep your home warm in the cold nights.


Skantherm Archetyp iron stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Jul-06-11


The Skantherm Archetyp captivates with its rugged yet elegant look, taking you on the journey to the past, when the old iron wood burning stove meant warmth, food and eventually survival. Made exclusively in black coated iron, with rails and fittings in a contrasting chrome-plated finish, Archetyp is the modular stove system.


Hidden range hood - Airone Aida

Hoods & Vents | Jul-04-11


The new Airone Aida can be discreetly hidden into you kitchen cabinets. What is more, a separate remote motor sits in the ducting, taking the noise away from the kitchen. Comes with two 20W dichroic spotlights, 4-speed soft touch electronic controls, auto shut off function and filter cleaning indicator. Available in 60cm and 90cm widths with several motors. Depending on the motor, top extraction rate varies from 800 to 2,000 m³/h. Airone.


Downdraft cooktop ventilation from Airone

Hoods & Vents | Jul-04-11


The new flush-mount stainless steel Fenice has central tempered glass panel, giving this downdraft cooktop ventilation system an unusual appearance. It also helps cleaning a bit. The other noticeable feature is a 50cm or over 19.5" rise. This 90cm wide downdraft cooktop vent has 4-speed 1,200 m³/h blower, flat electronic controls with auto shut off and filter cleaning indicator, and optional remote control. Optional remote motors can provide up to 2,000 m³/h extraction.


Airone Boheme wall hood

Hoods & Vents | Jul-04-11


This is beautiful wall hood with sliding, wave-shaped black glass panel, 4-speed electronic touch controls, auto switch off function and filter cleaning indicator. The 80cm wide Airone Boheme covers large cooking area and comes with high-performance 800 m³/h tangential motor that is equipped with aluminum blower. You can also install a remote motor with up to 1,780 m³/h extraction capacity.


Tecnowind Uniqa range hoods

Hoods & Vents | Jul-01-11

The stylish Tecnowind Uniqa range hoods are characterized by elegant, minimalist shapes, high quality stainless steel and glass, top notch manufacturing and innovative technological content. Uniqa hoods come with a range of intelligent controls that ensure their versatility and help transform your hood into intelligent appliance. Control functions include timer, booster, filter saturation indicator, clean air, and continuous air change.


Tecnowind exclusively designed remote controls can be ordered, allowing you to adjust the suction power and lighting intensity. The remote control has a base magnet, so it sticks to any metal surface. Other key features include powerful blowers, perimeter aspiration, halogen lighting and quiet operation. Tecnowind.


Drops of Colour Fabita Collection

Hoods & Vents | Jun-30-11


Beautiful Italian made range hoods from the new Drops of Colour Collection are available in many dazzling colours and every style. Contemporary or traditional, wall or island, the sleek and very functional Fabita hoods transform an appliance into a furnishing object and deliver outstanding air extraction. Previously, Decorative stove hoods.


Decorative stove hoods by Fabita

Hoods & Vents | Jun-28-11

Founded in 2010, FABITA makes decorative stove hoods and modern cooktops in Fabriano, Italy. When it comes to the design, you can clearly see the influence of Elica and Falmec, but the decorative hoods from FABITA use proprietary air extraction technologies which are among the most advanced available today. The result are powerful, quiet and efficient decorative stove hoods that feature 4-speed electronic touch controls, timer, halogen lights, 800 m³/h maximum extraction rate and can be installed virtually anywhere. Fabita.



Festivo City 75 bottom freezer refrigerator

Refrigerators | Jun-21-11


Based in Finland, Festivo manufactures both, commercial and domestic cooling systems, and the double drawer City 75 bottom freezer is its latest refrigerator. The slim fridge freezer is under 30" wide and is designed for optimal storage of fresh produce, raw meat and fish of a small family or a single gourmet fan. The 364 litre refrigerator section maintains temperature range between 2°C and 7°C and has 3 glass shelves, a half-glass shelf, a special vegetable grate and 6 door compartments. Bright interior light helps you find everything you need. Freezer has 76 litre capacity and -18°C to 24°C temperature range. The 30 litre Stay Fresh compartment keeps 0°C to store fresh foods for longer time. Festivo City 75 is rated 'A' for energy and available in several finishes with left or right door handle. Festivo.


Fontana Forni wood burning ovens

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Jun-20-11


The indirect combustion wood ovens by Fontana Forni are easier to install and use than the traditional refractory ovens. You can also cook for many hours uninterruptedly, avoiding the inconvenience of preheating, typical of traditional ovens. These wood burning ovens consume just 4 kg of wood to prepare up to 4 different types of food, which is at least 5 times less than refractory wood ovens would use.


V-ZUG Adora SLQ washer

Washers & Dryers | Jun-17-11


Rated 'A+AA' for energy, washing and spinning efficiencies, the 8kg Adora SLQ washer from V-ZUG features 1600 rpm top speed, pivoting operating panel with 2-line 9-language clear text, up to 24-hour delayed start and stylish chrome door. V-ZUG also equipped Adora with advanced Vibration Absorbing System to actively absorb vibration during spinning for smooth running and reduced noise.


Aga Total Control range cooker

Ranges | Jun-17-11


Sporting traditional Aga looks with boiling and simmering plates, and roasting, baking and simmering ovens, the new Aga Total Control range fully resembles a typical cast iron, heat storage range cooker that made the company famous. The main difference, however, is innovative control center, hidden behind the top left door. It can be accessed directly or via a remote handset, allowing you a total control over the hot plates and ovens. You can heat only one hotplate or both, heat only the roasting oven, the baking oven or the simmering oven, or all three.


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