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VillaWare espresso machine

Espresso Machines | Oct-19-11


VillaWare Espresso machine delivers rich aroma, crema and taste, bringing the authentic Italian espresso bar experience right into your home. With an elegant stainless steel design and large ergonomic dial control, this espresso machine is a perfect match with the metal toaster, and its powerful 15-bar Italian made pump and an easy-loading water reservoir ensure everyone wakes up to their favorite espresso coffee, with a fantastic aroma, blend and strength.


Electrolux 5Safety steam iron

Accessories | Oct-18-11


The new Electrolux 5Safety steam iron ensures safe, simple, fast and effective care. The advanced steam ironing system is developed using knowledge and experience from the professional laundry industry. Electrolux 5Safety is a high performance steam iron with advanced safety functions. In addition to providing excellent ironing result, generous steam release also provides odor removal from clothes, garments and fabrics.


New Look for New World

Built-In Ovens | Oct-14-11


New World has injected some vibrant colour into the kitchen with the introduction of an eye catching new Colours Collection of built-in ovens. Available across a choice of sizes and fuel types, the Colours Collection features a range of single and double built-in ovens which contrast black glass with a brightly coloured trim available in metallic purple, blue, green, red, and for those looking for something extra special, an ultra-shiny chrome finish. The new design ovens are also available with the more traditional finishes of white, black and stainless steel.


120cm range cooker by Steel with twin ovens

Ranges | Oct-13-11


This is a new 'A' energy rated, 120cm range cooker with two equal sized, electric, multi-function ovens. Obviously, this range is designed to meet demands of those home chefs who don't like to juggle between a large and small oven. Instead, you have 2 full-sized fully functional ovens. This 120cm wide range will be available in both the traditional Ascot and the contemporary Genesi in 16 colours. You will also be able to customize the range with up to 8 gas burners or a combination of several hob options, including fry tops, deep fryers, induction and mega wok for Asian-style cuisine.


Kitchen Designer 2.0 App for Neff cooker hoods

Accessories | Oct-13-11

Available from Apple iTunes Store, the new Kitchen Designer 2.0 or K├╝chenplanung 2.0 allows you to see what the new Neff cooker hood will look at your kitchen, how it fits in, etc.


The App has Virtual Cooker Hood module which enables you to snap an image of your kitchen and then insert any available Neff hood from built-in image gallery. You can turn, rotate, resize or whatever to obtain the configuration you like. Then take it to the store or send it to your kitchen designer. Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Neff.


Bosch Tassimo T55 espresso maker

Espresso Machines | Oct-10-11


Perfect design, high-gloss surface in black or red and chrome trim make Bosch Tassimo T55 espresso maker an instant classic. The +/- button lets you set the coffee strength to precisely match your taste. And the integrated BRITA filter in the water tank of this Bosch coffee maker ensures an enhanced quality of drink, while intelligent bar code technology guarantees that each of the varieties is perfectly prepared to suit individual requirements.


Quiet vacuum cleaner - Bosch Relaxx'x ProSilence bagless vacuum

Vacuum Cleaners | Oct-10-11


Made from durable high-tech materials, the 1.4 kW quiet vacuum cleaner from Bosch, the bagless Relaxx'x ProSilence Plus is versatile, powerful and efficient. But quiet is the key attribute. In fact, the new SilenceSound system makes this Bosch vacuum cleaner the quietest bagless model the company has ever made. It can give Electrolux UltraSilencer a run for the money. And its innovative RobustAir system and unique CompressorTechnology delivers ultimate cleaning results with minimum power consumption, while advanced self-cleaning system ensures minimal maintenance and consistent, deep cleaning results.


Vacuum washer - Thomas Hygiene T2

Vacuum Cleaners | Oct-09-11


The Thomas Hygiene T2 is a vacuum washer suitable for dry or wet floor cleaning. The T2 features a dual hose system with a special, 4-bar pressure pump and cleans all types of floors. The German made vacuum washer has an ergonomic handle with a multi-spray extraction nozzle and built-in water regulator as well as an 8-meter long cord, ensuring convenient operation and extensive range. Its Innovative Hygiene Bag System offers one-hand dust emptying and comes with HEPA-dust bag, integrated activated carbon filter and hygienic dust lock.


Coway air purifier - Mask anti-flu

Air Purifiers | Oct-09-11


The Mask is innovative Coway air purifier with 5-stage anti-flu HEPA filter system. This air purifier offers very slim and space-saving shape, thanks to a specially developed filter and innovative air flow path. A pollution indicator lamp lights up in 4 different colors - turquoise, blue, purple or red to indicate the air quality.


Bosch refrigerator - new Side by Side with ice and water dispenser

Refrigerators | Oct-09-11


The new side by side Bosch refrigerator combines maximum comfort, large storage space and 'A++' energy efficiency in sleek, stainless steel appliance. The fridge freezer also features ice and water dispenser, offering fresh cold water and clear crisp ice cubes at the touch of a button. Bosch markets the KAD62V75 as a technology driven refrigerator for eco conscious family that wants to have plenty of fresh produce, meats and fish, while limiting the number of grocery trips to the minimum.


Premio2G Series pizza ovens by Forno Bravo

Outdoor Ovens | Oct-07-11


You can cook like a professional with the new wood fired Premio2G Series pizza oven manufactured by Forno Bravo. Available in 3 sizes - from a 40"x48" cooking floor to a commercial grade 48"x56" cooking surface, the premium pizza oven is intended for high-end consumer who knows exactly what is needed in the yard or garden. The Premio2G ovens feature a thick, high-density 3" cast refractory dome, extra thick insulation and an insulated steel door, allowing for high throughput pizza baking and retained heat baking and roasting.


Bosch compact steam oven

Steam Ovens | Oct-05-11


The elegant and superbly crafted Bosch compact steam oven, the HMT85DL53 has a 22-litre internal capacity and a 0.9-litre water container, and is engineered for eye-level integration. Employing gentle steam cooking technology, this Bosch Exxcel steam oven keeps flavours and vitamins fully preserved, and is perfect for steaming vegetables, fish and meat dishes.


Lofra range hoods

Hoods & Vents | Oct-05-11


Elegant range hoods from Lofra will perfectly blend with Lofra cookers and ovens. Finished in brushed AISI 304 steel and glass, these wall mounted hoods offer 4-speed tangential motor with 800 m┬│/h extraction rate, bright halogen or neon lights, dishwasher safe metal grease filter, touch control and remote control. Lofra.


Electrolux Ergospace vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners | Oct-04-11


Available in 8 new colors selected by the Electrolux design team, the Electrolux Ergospace vacuum cleaner features extra long 13 meter reach, thanks to its 9 meter cord and long hose as well as sporty details and a very compact shape for remarkably easy storage. The popular Ergospace vacuum cleaner is also available in a Green range version.


Gorenje Weblicity Collection

Appliance Trends | Oct-02-11


Gorenje Weblicity is a modern line of appliances designed with an air of youthful playfulness. A pinch of imagination and bursts of colourful detail endow the home with a unique character. Specially adjusted, softly curved handles and other appliance details allow for attaching a magnet. You can choose their own colour, which can later simply be switched or changed. While the basic colour of the appliances is white, the coloured magnets are available in 6 shades - minimalistic white, classic black, elegant gray, vivid green, orange, or pink. Dreams are now available in your favourite colour combinations.


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