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Solac Squissita PLUS

Espresso Machines | Sep-13-11


If Solac Neo Espression Supremma is not exactly the espresso machine you are looking for, consider elegant, capable and far less expensive Solac Squissita PLUS CE4550. Finished in sleek titanium color, the Squissita PLUS comes with 18 bar pressure pump, which is ideally suited for coffee extraction and does not break the cream.


UV Ulra Vac

Vacuum Cleaners | Sep-08-11


Based on the technology used by hospitals to sanitise medical equipment, the UV Ultra Vac is a vacuum cleaner that eliminates more than 90% of bed bugs and dust mites. The Ultra Vac utilizes a UVC light to damage the DNA of the bed bugs and dust mites, and renders them infertile. This sterilisation technique is very effective with no finding of immature eggs or insects after one week.


Portable Spot Cleaner wins Electrolux Design Lab 2011 Contest

Appliance Trends | Sep-08-11

The jury was impressed by the Portable spot cleaner creative and insightful thinking. From the jury motivation - The Portable spot cleaner is built on a very solid consumer insight and it is highly relevant. It is an instant laundry device that has a positive impact on the environment by reducing consumption. Its usage and interaction are very intuitive. We all want one.

Spot Cleaner
Country: Slovakia
Designer: Adrian Mankovecky
School: Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava


Timetron blender with Pulse function

Food Processors & Blenders | Sep-06-11


The stylish Timetron blender comes with 2-speed 525 Watt motor, Pulse function, 1.3 litre glass jar and stainless steel blade. Available in two colours. Timetron.

MIele coffee machine - CM 5200 OneTouch

Coffee Makers | Sep-06-11


One year after the successful market launch of the first ever Miele countertop coffee maker, the company is offering its new CM 5200 coffee machine. The first key benefit is that now cappuccino and latte macchiato can be served at the touch of a single button. OneTouch Miele coffee machine can even dispense two drinks into separate cups or glasses if required. The second is the fully automatic rinsing cycle of milk lines which flushes the milk lines with water from the tank, ensuring excellent hygiene.


Miele built-under hood

Hoods & Vents | Sep-05-11

If you are on the market for cooker hoods, Miele is offering a broad selection of models and designs to choose from. And if having Miele island hood is not under consideration, take a look at the new DA 1160 built-under hood that is powerful, functional and takes little space.


Built-under cooker hoods are ideally suited if a hood has to be installed under an existing wall cabinet or directly against a wall. You will only see the canopy from outside. Miele DA 1160 built-under hood is one of the several new built-under models, the company is showing at IFA 2011.


Miele steam ironing system - FashionMaster

Appliance Trends | Sep-05-11

Featuring patent pending honeycomb soleplate and unique active ironing table, the FashionMaster is Miele first steam ironing system. Its patented 1-2-Lift System allows the table to be both raised and folded away effortlessly. Other Miele-exclusive features and highlights include an automatic descaling and rinsing function and the steamer. With the honeycomb soleplate, the hand iron ties in with the success of the honeycomb drum on Miele washing machines and tumble dryers and nicely rounds off Miele laundry-care range by significantly simplifying the job of ironing compared with conventional models.


When it comes to convenience, the FashionMaster ironing system leave little to be desired. Starting with the classic iron, which evaporates water to moisturise textiles, to the steam ironing station with a separate steam generator and culminating in the steam ironing system with its active table. Hand iron, steam generator and ironing table form a single, integrated unit offering a finely tuned all-in-one solution to the irksome chore of ironing.


Karcher RoboCleaner RC 4.000

Vacuum Cleaners | Sep-03-11


The new RoboCleaner RC 4.000 from Karcher does all the work and you don't have to lift a finger. The Karcher vacuum cleaner cleans all regular home floor surfaces completely automatically and independently. Plug your RoboCleaner in the base station which does not only recharge the battery but also empties the suction tank, switch on the unit, select the cleaning period and the RC 4.000 does the rest.


Dual swing door refrigerator from Sharp

Refrigerators | Sep-02-11


Two high-quality 'A++' Sharp refrigerator models offer a new degree of accessibility. The SJ-WS360T and SJ-WS320T are available in silver and black, and feature unique Sharp Dual Swing door system, so that they can be opened to both left and right with no special installation. At the same time, the two-door refrigerator models come equipped with the advanced technologies to ensure uniform cooling, comprehensive refrigerator hygiene and high energy efficiency.


Electrolux mixer - Ultramix Pro

Food Processors & Blenders | Sep-01-11


If you want solid, professional quality mixer, without digging too deep into your wallet, the new Electrolux Ultramix Pro is certainly worth looking at. Developed with the input of some of the world best chefs, this Electrolux mixer is a perfect combination of performance and functionality, and should be the first choice for anyone who likes to prepare soups and smoothies, crush ice, chop herbs and nuts, and wants to beat the creamiest sauces.


Aviken waffle makers - Swedish / Norwegian vaffeljärn

Small Appliances | Aug-31-11


Get your vaffel or Waffel with the Swedish / Norwegian waffle makers. The crisp patterns of the cast aluminum, Teflon coated plates allow you to make whatever you want. The 1.6 kW Aviken waffle makers sell for around € 50. Aviken.


Handheld cordless vacuum - Black & Decker Orb-It

Vacuum Cleaners | Aug-30-11


The ORB48 is the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner that makes vacuuming fun. This Black & Decker Orb-It handheld vacuum features handle and nozzle that extend automatically. Available in 6 finishes, Orb-It runs for 8 minutes and has the fast-charging lithium ion battery. And this trendy cordless vacuum cleaner weighs under 800 grams, making it very easy to use.



Intelligent air purifier by Jata

Air Purifiers | Aug-26-11


With this slim and stylish intelligent air purifier from Jata, you get 8-stage air filtration and purification. The Prefilter removes large particles like dust and pet hair, followed by Positive Charging Wires that capture pollen, smoke and bacteria. Then you have Electrostatic Precipitator which magnetically collects particles as small as 0.01 micron. Oxygen Plus Filter absorbs odours and converts smog and active oxygen into pure oxygen. Innovative TiO2 photo catalyst filter destroys viruses and neutralizes toxic chemicals, while Cold-Catalyst-Oxidation swiftly decomposes viruses, fungi and volatile organic compounds.


Jata flat toaster

Toasters | Aug-26-11


Here is the stainless steel Jata flat toaster grill with 4 quartz elements, positioned evenly under large toasting surface to deliver ideally toasted breads and rolls. Has On/Off switch and crumb tray. Price is around € 25. Jata.


Solac Boan Giorno flat toaster

Toasters | Aug-25-11


The idea of a flat toaster is not new. After all, everyone got quite excited when we showed Fagor flat toaster a few years back. But Solac takes another step toward toasting simplicity with its Boan Giorno multi-function toaster, perfectly suited for all types of bread, rolls and buns. Now you can have a delicious toast with the morning cup of coffee, brewed by your Solac Neo Espression Supremma.


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