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Smeg refrigerator to cure nostalgia

Refrigerators | Jun-08-11


The 'A+' rated Smeg FA800AO matches perfectly with 60cm wide classic range oven. Finished in anthracite with gold handle and logo, this bottom freezer Smeg refrigerator brings timeless look into your kitchen along with LED display, electronic controls and 100% No Frost functionality.


Siemens macchiatoPlus bean to cup espresso machine

Espresso Machines | Jun-07-11


Equipped with 15-bar pump and height adjustable coffee outlet, the Siemens EQ.5 macchiatoPlus has one-touch function for espresso cappuccino and latte macchiato. This bean to cup espresso machine comes with graphical LCD display, 2 rotary controls and illuminated buttons for straight forward operation.


Russell Hobbs Dali Arts Collection

Small Appliances | Jun-06-11


Inspired by works of Salvador Dali, the new collection by Russell Hobbs represents a pure trend for modern consumers, design connoisseurs and art lovers. Three Dali paintings - The Persistence of Memory, Meditative Rose and Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening - are on Russell Hobbs Dali Arts breakfast series. Each of the famous works of art tells a story and makes the breakfast series a unique piece to own.


Contemporary cooktops from Bertazzoni

Cooktops | Jun-01-11

Bertazzoni Design Series offer 8 stylish and high performing contemporary cooktops to satisfy your every culinary desire. All gas, all induction or a combination of two - the cooktop you choose will help you create the best tasting, restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen.


The P30 I 4 XX black ceramic, stainless trimmed 30" wide, 4-zone induction cooktop is ideal for a contemporary kitchen, featuring touch controls and 10.0 kW in total output. Bertazzoni other induction cooktops are 36" wide 5-zone models - the PM36 0 IG X segmented cooktop with knob controls and the P36 5 I X with touch controls.


Gorenje washer with 8kg capacity

Washers & Dryers | Jun-01-11


Designed for the consumers looking for larger internal capacity, Gorenje new WA82145 freestanding washer has an 8kg capacity while still fitting in the same space as other washing machines. The large drum means fewer loads are needed to do the weekly wash, saving the your time, effort and money. It not only reduces creasing, cutting the time you have to spend ironing, but has lots of room to wash bulky items such as curtains. Although the WA82145 has a large capacity, it is thrifty in its use of resources. Rated 'A-10%' for energy usage it consumes 10% less energy than an 'A' rated washing machine. It also features Gorenje UseLogic control technology, which uses electronic sensors to make sure only the right amount of water is used for each wash.


Mobile outdoor grill with deep fryer

Outdoor Grills | May-30-11


This durable and maneuverable outdoor grill from Alpes Inox Liberi Collection lets you cook outside as comfortably as in the kitchen. Just roll it outside to the place where you want to grill, lock the wheels and start cooking. The mobile outdoor grill station has large cooking area between the cast iron grill and electric deep fryer, and full width underneath shelf to store everything you ever need. Alpes Inox.

Stainless steel gas and electric cooktops
Mobile outdoor teppan style grilling
Portable stainless steel grill


Jura Signature Line

Espresso Machines | May-26-11

Impressa J5 Colombian walnut

The handcrafted Jura Signature Line is designed to meet the most unusual tastes and demands. The limited edition espresso machines offer clearly defined lines, top quality materials and outstanding workmanship. In addition to Ena 9 Roger Federer Edition, Jura Signature Line has 5 machines - Impressa Z5 2@1 Rhodium/Crystals, Impressa J5 Colombian walnut, Impressa J5 Northern birch, Ena 5 Leather Sports Brown and ENA 5 Leather Speed Red. Jura. See also Jura Subito coffee maker.


Energetec Bullerjan stoves

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | May-26-11



These unique wood burning stoves are handcrafted in Germany and have simple yet very effective design. The Energetic Bullerjan stove features cylindrical horizontal combustion chamber made from bent solid steel pipes. The burning wood rapidly heats up air which then rises and flows out of the top pipes while cold air is drawn in the bottom pipes and in turn, is heated and pushed up. This cycle ensures constant circulation of the warm air which is distributed evenly throughout the room.

The Energetec stoves come in 6 sizes with heat outputs ranging from 6.0 kW to 45 kW. There are 5 models to choose your stove from - Bullerjan, Bullerjan Classic, Bullerjan Design, Bullerjan Industry and Stone.


Turn phone into a vacuum cleaner with iVac and win

Accessories | May-25-11


The world first iPhone and iPad vacuuming game makes the annoying process of vacuuming much more exciting. Now you can challenge your friends on Facebook and compete to become the best at virtual cleaning. And if you are good enough, you could even win a brand new vacuum cleaner.


Stuv wall hanging stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | May-24-11


The Stuv 60 is a wall hanging stove designed to work in slow-burning mode. Put some wood logs in the evening and you can easily rekindle it the next morning even after a long night, by simply reopening the Stuv 60 for the air-intake and reloading as needed. The wall stove works most efficiently and economically when closed, since its large surfaces diffuse heat without ever reaching excessive temperatures with hot air circulating between its double-skinned walls. Stuv.


ModFire outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits | May-24-11


A modern take on the outdoor fireplace, the unique volcano-shaped ModFire showcases the warmth of the fire. This fireplace creates an ideal setting in your yard for gathering, sharing and enjoying life, and demonstrates your sense of style and design, while bringing the visual sizzle and extending your personality to the place where you gather with friends and family.

Each ModFire outdoor fireplace is designed and manufactured by hand in the company steel studio in Arizona. Comes in red, orange or blue for $1,250 and in natural steel for $850. Burning options include wood, propane and natural gas. ModFire.


Tonwerk T-NEO eco2

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | May-18-11


The new Tonwerk wood burning stove, T-NEO eco2 DUO features a convection module for additional flexibility in the heat emission. You can choose between pure radiated heat and the faster, regulated convection heat. The 1.80 kW stove has 83% efficiency and the intelligent eco2 module converts T-NEO into a heat source that you can heat up only once, yet enjoy for hours.


Tonwerk T-EYE stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | May-18-11


T-EYE is the only Tonwerk stove with round form and perpendicular rotating design. This heat storage stove comes with the automatic air control, top aperture for feeding wood, 85% fuel efficiency, 2.50 kW output and can heat up to 120m³. The Swiss made Tonwerk T-EYE is available in many different finishes to fit the decor of your house.


Compact integrated dishwasher from Gorenje

Dishwashers | May-18-11


Gorenje Exclusive Collection has a neat compact integrated dishwasher with 6 place settings and 5 wash programs - Normal, Intensive, Super, ECO and Quick. Rated 'AAA' for energy, washing and drying, the GIC63140AX features up to 9-hour variable start delay, partial Aqua Stop function and service diagnostics. Measuring just 60cm wide and 45cm tall, the compact dishwasher is fast with 125-minute Normal wash and depending on the program, washes your dishes at 70°C, 65°C, 50°C or 40°C.


LightFire patio heater by Alpina

Patio Heaters | May-16-11


The LightFire is the newest patio heater from Alpina and just as efficient as Falo designer patio heater. An open flame heater, LightFire features 12 kW burner and electronic ignition with remote control.


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