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Heat & Glo Paloma stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Apr-29-11


The beautiful Paloma gas stove combines sleek lines and European styling with the advanced technology, yielding 81.5% efficiency and 8.2 kW heat output. This direct vent Heat & Glo stove features curved front and parabolic shape, making a profound design statement. Its tall firebox opening allows for a perfect bed level view of realistic looking fiber rocks. Price for the Heat & Glo Paloma gas stove starts at $3,000.


Terragen fireplace by Flying Cavalries

Accessories | Apr-29-11


Designed to resemble a volcano, the Terragen fireplace will be the centerpiece of your home. This sculptural fireplace from Flying Cavalries will help you replenish the energy lost after a long day, and remind you about the nature. Terragen colours start from glowing red near the top of the fireplace, and gradually melt into gray, creating the real feel of simmering volcano. Serves not only as a stunning decorative element, but as a functional and stylish coffee table, and a smokeless ethanol based fireplace. Price for the Terragen fireplace is £5,440. Flying Cavalries.


New SmartCool refrigerators from Bosch

Refrigerators | Apr-28-11


The new Bosch SmartCool refrigerators boast 'A++' or 'A+++' efficiency ratings, offering 50% to 60% better efficiency than 'A' and 'A+' rated refrigerators. Such high efficiencies are attained with a help of intelligent electronic controls, innovative insulation and sealing, NoFrost technology and the latest Bosch LowFrost technology employed by the freezer evaporator. There are several configurations of SmartCool fridge freezers and consumers will get ergonomics, convenience and performance, typically delivered by Bosch refrigerators. Depending on the model, features include ChillerBox, CrisperBox, DividerBox, adjustable glass shelves, foldable FlexShelf, bright interior LED lighting, programmable touch control panels, adjustable door racks and 180° door opening. Bosch.


Elica Clip wall hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-28-11


Simple in shape and small in size, the elegant Clip is the newest hood from Elica, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. The hood rectangular geometry is softened somewhat by the smoothness of the corners and is enhanced by its thin frame and the oblique cut of the front. Equipped with two 20-watt halogen lights, Clip is virtually silent, thanks to Elica technology yet manages very respectable 450 m³/h airflow. The silhouette, the choice of materials and finishes, the emphasis on the curvatures and the minimization of technical elements are the key features of Elica Clip. The wall hood will be available in recirculation or ducted model in several finishes. Elica.


Graef coffee grinder

Coffee Grinders | Apr-27-11


If you like your coffee freshly ground each and every time, Graef coffee grinders will do the job quickly and flawlessly, delivering the best aroma. Since coffee loses its quality very quickly, your grinder should go to work just before you are about to prepare it. And to meet specific taste of each individual, the Graef coffee grinder comes with the 24-stage adjustable grind setting.


Russell Hobbs Allure Collection

Small Appliances | Apr-26-11


Here are several small appliances from Russell Hobbs Allure Collection that seems to be offered exclusively in Germany. The compact shredder has innovative shape and stainless steel blades to deliver all the ingredients needed for pesto and sauces. Simple to use and easy to clean, it comes with rubber base for stability and sells for € 50.


New Hybrid Fire grills from Kalamazoo

Outdoor Grills | Apr-25-11


A sleek, beautiful exterior is the most noticeable feature to the only grills that can cook with wood, charcoal and gas. Under the hood, newly designed burners deliver pinpoint power and even heat. Wide design flexibility is offered as Kalamazoo offers 4 sizes of Hybrid Fire Grills, with more than 12 model variations to fulfill any outdoor cooking aspiration. The beauty of these new grills is brought to life at night with ambient amber lighting in the control panels.


Sywawa Brandy designer firepit

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits | Apr-24-11


The elegant yet sturdy Brandy from Sywawa is a large designer firepit made from 6mm heat resistant, powder coated steel wire. The firepit also features a heat resistant 2mm thick steel ash tray. Designed by Lieven Musschoot and Mathias Hennebel. Sywawa.


How to fix gas grill

Outdoor Grills | Apr-24-11


Since the average gas grill lasts just over 3.5 years, according to a recent survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of 9,000 gas grill owners, you will inevitably face this dilemma, fix your gas grill or buy a new one. With replacement parts and instructions readily available from most manufacturers, fixing could be the choice for many grilling enthusiasts. So if you wonder when and how to fix your grill, here is what you need to consider.


Mosaic backsplash designs from New Ravenna

Splashbacks | Apr-24-11


New Ravenna Mosaics will be introducing several new tile collections at KBIS 2011, which can be used for your mosaic backsplash, countertop, floor or bathroom walls. Along with the new Ikat and Studio Line collections designed by Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna Mosaics will be announcing their collaboration with Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri. Barbieri, of the Barbieri Brothers Family, is known for his patented surface treatment of marble.


V-ZUG Levante vent hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-20-11


The latest vent hood from V-ZUG, Levante has elegant mirror black glass canopy paired with powerful 690 m³/h 4-speed motor. The hood features 2 halogen lights, electronic controls, filter cleaning indicator, dishwasher-safe filter and the intensive setting, which can run up to 5 minutes to quickly extract large volume of vapours. Price for Levante vent hood is around CHF 3'800. V-ZUG.


Wet and dry vacuum cleaner - Electrolux Rapido new colours

Vacuum Cleaners | Apr-20-11


Popular Electrolux Rapido is now sporting a granite grey body that harmonises with the darker colours and stainless-steel surfaces of modern kitchens. And there are new tints for the transparent dust covers. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner models, which are especially useful for handling kitchen spills instead of using a damp cloth or paper towel, get the water-themed colors of Bahama blue and cyan for their dust covers. The standard vacuums come in cheerful shades of raspberry and cassis. Both, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and the standard ones have wheels on the front, just like previous versions did. The wheels not only prevent scratching surfaces, they help control the distance to the surface for optimum pick-up.


V-ZUG Forano range hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-19-11


The new V-ZUG Forano is a 90cm wide forced convection range hood with an active charcoal filter which lasts up to 3 years and can be washed in dishwasher. With its maximum extraction rate of 690 m³/h, this V-ZUG hood captures vapour and absorbs grease, keeping the kitchen air clean and dry. It also features the automatic after-running time function for continues extraction for additional 15 minutes after which it switches itself off.


Miele SteamCare washer

Washers & Dryers | Apr-19-11


The 8kg SteamCare washer from Miele uniquely works with a single burst of steam, constant steam delivery or a combination of the two. This reduces creasing, resulting in easier ironing. The 1,600 RPM maximum spin speed means less residual moisture left in clothes at the end of a wash. The slightly sculptured surface structure of the patented Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water or air which gently cushions and protects your laundry. The 'A+++' rated SteamCare washer offers 20 programs including Shirts, Dark Garments, Sportswear, Curtains, Hygiene, Pillows, New Clothes, Proofing, Starch, Separate Rinse, Separate Drain and Spin, Automatic Plus, Cottons, Delicates, Denim, Handwash / Woollens, Express 20, Minimum Iron, Trainers and Soft Toys.


Miele downdraft ventilation

Hoods & Vents | Apr-18-11


Miele first generation of downdraft ventilation systems is engineered specifically for the American home. Powerful performance meets space efficient design as Miele telescopic downdraft ventilation system rises to the occasion - 4" over the cooktop surface to consume cooking odors. The 30" and 36" wide models are available in stainless steel finish with optional 500 and 1,000 CFM blower motor. Easy-to-use controls with LED indicators manage 4 power levels, including a unique 15-minute delayed shutdown for maximum convenience and energy conservation. Price for Miele downdraft ventilation ranges from $1,700 to $2,300, depending on model width and blower assembly selected. Miele.


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