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Wall exhaust vent hood by Neff

Hoods & Vents | Oct-26-11


The Neff D39M55N0 is a wall mounted chimney hood that embodies a sculptural aesthetics and achieves top notch performance. Made of high-grade stainless steel and glass, this wall exhaust vent hood features elegant lines that follow a strict geometry and emphasise the 3 large-scale filter covers, made of matt polished stainless steel. Mounted on kitchen wall the steeply slanted 90cm wide exhaust vent hood grants comfortable headroom during cooking.


Wall mounted kitchen hood by Siemens

Hoods & Vents | Oct-26-11


This elegant slanted wall mounted kitchen hood provides sufficient headroom to work at the hob and at the same time, achieves perfect extraction results. The subtle control panel features Siemens blue softLight, allowing you to combine the wall mounted hood in a visually harmonious way with other Siemens kitchen appliances. The wall cooker hood comes with an ultrasonic sensor system, 6-button electronic control panel and 3 edge extraction filters.


Philips DailyDuo stick vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners | Oct-25-11


The compact, rechargeable Philips DailyDuo is a stick vacuum with a removable handheld vacuum cleaner, ideal to facilitate daily housework. Its elegantly curved form is further enhanced by beautiful colours. This stick vacuum is a cable-free, flexible and efficient cleaner, combining the thorough cleaning function of a conventional vacuum cleaner with the convenience of a small handheld unit.


GE gas range cooker with steam cleaning technology

Ranges | Oct-24-11


The new GE gas range cooker marries the natural soil-busting ability of steam with the cooking performance of gas to offer high output meal preparation with high performance cleaning. GE 30-inch freestanding gas range, the JGBS23, is the industry first and only gas range with steam-clean capabilities. The JGBS23 offers natural steam cleaning to loosen hard, baked-on food, so it can be easily wiped away with fewer chemicals and less scrubbing. GE now incorporates steam cleaning features in consumer dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, electric and now, gas ovens.


Built-in oven - AEG MaxiKlasse

Built-In Ovens | Oct-24-11


This is a large built-in oven with 74-litre cooking cavity that lets you cook everything - from an 18kg turkey to 150 canapes. The AEG MaxiKlasse built-in ovens offer unrivalled size and performance. The oven comes with the MaxiKlasse Probe which monitors the core temperature of the dish, helping you cook perfect meat, fish and other dishes. Food is cooked beautifully in the MaxiKlasse built-in oven using AEG unique ThermiC°Air system which circulates the hot air evenly throughout the whole interior, which means that your food will cook evenly at any of the oven 5 shelf positions, ideal for delicious food that is golden brown all over.


Cera Divino stoves

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Oct-24-11


Cera, the maker of beautiful modern stoves offers another interesting product line - the Divino Series that received 2011 red dot honourable mention. Divino wood burning stoves combine high-quality materials and finishing with innovative and sustainable technology.


Designer kitchen hoods from Barriviera

Hoods & Vents | Oct-22-11


Here are a few more quite interesting designer kitchen hoods from Italian Barriviera Cappe. Common features include 8-watt neon lights, washable filters and choice from 3 electronically-controlled 4-speed motors with top extraction rate of 850 m³/h.


Contemporary gas cooktops by Elleci

Cooktops | Oct-22-11


The stylish contemporary gas cooktops from Elleci are available in 70cm and 60cm widths, and are ideally suited for today contemporary kitchens. Featuring integrated gas auto shut off and under knob electronic ignition systems, the cookops can be matched with modern built-in ovens and are safe and easy to use. The 70cm gas cooktop has 5 burners including a powerful central triple-crown burner, cast iron supports and black matt ring colours. The 60cm wide contemporary gas cooktops come with 4 burners including front-left triple crown, lamellar supports and black matt ring colours. The 60cm gas cooktops are offered in 5 contemporary finishes - Black, Jada, Cromo, Titanium and White, while 70cm cooktop also comes in White and Black finish. Elleci.


Modern built-in ovens from Elleci

Built-In Ovens | Oct-21-11


You can choose a multifunction modern built-in oven from Elleci two collections - the black or white glass oven from Modern Line or stainless steel model from New Modern Line. Just like Elleci Rustico oven, both 55-litre wall ovens are simple, functional and high performance appliances.


VillaWare blender and food processor

Food Processors & Blenders | Oct-20-11


If you are looking for an affordable and powerful blending performance, you can not go wrong with the stylish VillaWare blender. Elegant, yet very strong, it offers integrated stainless blades for outstanding variable power and total control. The 50 oz. rectangular glass jar helps deliver consistent blend results and precision pouring every time. You can now effortlessly blend, mix, crush, grind or liquefy all kinds of ingredients.


VillaWare espresso machine

Espresso Machines | Oct-19-11


VillaWare Espresso machine delivers rich aroma, crema and taste, bringing the authentic Italian espresso bar experience right into your home. With an elegant stainless steel design and large ergonomic dial control, this espresso machine is a perfect match with the metal toaster, and its powerful 15-bar Italian made pump and an easy-loading water reservoir ensure everyone wakes up to their favorite espresso coffee, with a fantastic aroma, blend and strength.


Electrolux 5Safety steam iron

Accessories | Oct-18-11


The new Electrolux 5Safety steam iron ensures safe, simple, fast and effective care. The advanced steam ironing system is developed using knowledge and experience from the professional laundry industry. Electrolux 5Safety is a high performance steam iron with advanced safety functions. In addition to providing excellent ironing result, generous steam release also provides odor removal from clothes, garments and fabrics.


New Look for New World

Built-In Ovens | Oct-14-11


New World has injected some vibrant colour into the kitchen with the introduction of an eye catching new Colours Collection of built-in ovens. Available across a choice of sizes and fuel types, the Colours Collection features a range of single and double built-in ovens which contrast black glass with a brightly coloured trim available in metallic purple, blue, green, red, and for those looking for something extra special, an ultra-shiny chrome finish. The new design ovens are also available with the more traditional finishes of white, black and stainless steel.


120cm range cooker by Steel with twin ovens

Ranges | Oct-13-11


This is a new 'A' energy rated, 120cm range cooker with two equal sized, electric, multi-function ovens. Obviously, this range is designed to meet demands of those home chefs who don't like to juggle between a large and small oven. Instead, you have 2 full-sized fully functional ovens. This 120cm wide range will be available in both the traditional Ascot and the contemporary Genesi in 16 colours. You will also be able to customize the range with up to 8 gas burners or a combination of several hob options, including fry tops, deep fryers, induction and mega wok for Asian-style cuisine.


Kitchen Designer 2.0 App for Neff cooker hoods

Accessories | Oct-13-11

Available from Apple iTunes Store, the new Kitchen Designer 2.0 or Küchenplanung 2.0 allows you to see what the new Neff cooker hood will look at your kitchen, how it fits in, etc.


The App has Virtual Cooker Hood module which enables you to snap an image of your kitchen and then insert any available Neff hood from built-in image gallery. You can turn, rotate, resize or whatever to obtain the configuration you like. Then take it to the store or send it to your kitchen designer. Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Neff.


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