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Elica downdraft Morfeo vent

Hoods & Vents | Apr-15-14


Elica research and innovation efforts achieve optimal results. Thanks to the small sized motor incorporated in this raised vent, Morfeo ensures ease and freedom of installation, unique for this product category. Touch control panel makes operation a breeze.


Elica Om wall hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-15-14


It has been 10 years since Elica Om launch, the industry first vertical hood that made the history of the brand. Now Elica revisits Om, the wall hood built around the elegant and basic shapes of the square and the circle.


Elica Nuage wall range hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-13-14


Nuage is the industry first wall range hood perfectly integrated into the architecture of the kitchen, in continuity with the wall. It is a discrete household appliance due to its sinuous shapes and highly customizable, offering the option to cover the external panel with plasterboard, tiles or paint, allowing therefore a perfect symbiosis with the kitchen and the living room.


Elica Ye island hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-13-14


Ye is another showpiece by Elica own Fabrizio Crisa. This island hood is characterized by a spectacular design, and the latest hi tech materials and components, including Cristalplant, a material that is new in the kitchen hood production and allows obtaining soft lines and a directed double suction source.


Elica Soo wall vent hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-11-14


Soo is the new wall mounted Elica vent hood, featuring a modern design and advanced technology. The lightness of transparent tempered glass, with integrated infrared control, and the macro-perforated steel filter technology confer Soo a technological character, strong and elegant at the same time.


Elica Amelie wall kitchen hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-11-14


Amelie is Elica new wall mounted kitchen hood characterized by a distinct personality. The original combination of materials, wood and mirrored glass, provide versatility and customization. The design is inspired by a symbolic defining object, the mirror, which can be adapted to different styles of cuisine, thanks to the frame in white lacquered, bleached or natural wood that allows colour customization.


Elica Audrey and Edith Evolution kitchen hoods

Hoods & Vents | Apr-11-14

Elica Audrey

Designed by Fabrizio Crisa, New Evolution is the new edition of Evolution, the first chandelier hoods collection launched in the world by Elica in 2005. The new high performing range, which includes Edith and Audrey, offers innovative shapes and finishes for multifunctional kitchen hoods which can guarantee air and light quality for the right atmosphere in every space.


Smeg Fiat 500 fridge

Refrigerators | Apr-10-14


A chopped Fiat 500 holds advanced cooling technology from Smeg. Here you have a modern 'A+' energy rated retro fridge with 100 litre net capacity in a very original format. Smeg Fiat 500 fridge features 3 removable bottle holders and a removable glass shelf. You can even turn the headlights on, but that would bring the 'A+' rating a bit down. Available in SMEG500B white, SMEG500V green, SMEG500R red, SMEG500G yellow and SMEG500BL blue. Price is around € 5,400. Smeg Fiat.


Custom metal range hoods from Vogler

Hoods & Vents | Apr-08-14


Designed by Aaron Vogler of Vogler Metalwork & Design, these custom metal range hoods are made of nickel plated, powder coated and otherwise finished metals including copper, bras, bronze, pewter, zinc, steel, iron or stainless. Currently, Vogler offers 15 distinct models of metal range hoods, all available in the above materials. You can see most common finishes and textures here. If you have your own ideas, contact Vogler Metalwork & Design and tell them what you want. Previously, copper hoods by Vogler Copperworks. Besides the metal range hoods, the company make countertops, sinks, outdoor projects, fireplace hoods and custom items.


LG front and top loading washers and dryers

Washers & Dryers | Apr-07-14


LG is offering several new washers and dryers, both top and front loading, including a unique 2-way door-opening dryer and the 29" front loading high efficiency washer with TurboWash. In addition to the Eco friendly WM8000HVA, LG has now the 29 inch front loading washer dryers with NFC technology and the 27 inch front loader washer dryer models featuring proprietary Heat Pump technology.


LG Door-in-Door refrigerators

Refrigerators | Apr-04-14


Responding to the customer feedback, LG latest French door and Side by Side refrigerators feature innovative Door-in-Door design. Keeping food fresher for longer, the energy efficient new Door-in-Door refrigerators make food storage and organization easier and more convenient than ever before.


Jenn-Air espresso machine

Built-In Coffee Machines | Apr-03-14


The new Jenn-Air espresso machine, the JBC7624BS, is the precisely engineered, built-in coffee system designed for the most demanding coffee connoisseurs who prefer a cabinet integrated model instead of a countertop espresso machine. You can set the strength of the brew, size of the drink, finesse of ground coffee and water temperature. You can even customize the frothing system.


GE dishwashers with third rack

Dishwashers | Mar-31-14


The Café and Profile dishwashers from GE Appliances feature advanced and very comprehensive wash system, equipped with 102 jets, reversing quad blade wash arm and the industry first 16 bottle-wash jets for cleaning baby and sports bottles - even Consumer Reports are impressed with it. Now, they also come with customizable third rack, giving you unparalleled loading flexibility.


GE Brillion mobile app for remote oven control

Appliance Trends | Mar-31-14


If you own GE Profile wall oven, either in black, white or stainless, you can now control it via an app on your mobile phone. You don't have to fret whether your GE oven is left On accidentally, neither you have to turn it off because something makes you leave the house in the middle of cooking. You can preheat, set the timer, check cooking status, receive timely notifications and more from outside the home.


Mobile height adjustable Teppanyaki grill tables

Indoor Grills | Mar-30-14


A mobile height adjustable Teppanyaki grill table on lockable wheels works as indoor or outdoor grill, creating the perfect setting for everyday family meals or friendly gatherings. Cook-N-Dine height adjustable Profile Collection grill tables easily adjust from casual dining height to more comfortable deep seating level. The 80 x 60 or 80 x 80 cm² tops are made of solid silk-brushed stainless steel with patented CND Shallow Dip technology. The frames are either anthracite or brushed stainless.


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